Wednesday 31 July 2013

50/50 - Skate Gore EP

'Skate Gore'

Genre: Grindcore, Deathgrind, Goregrind
For Fans Of: Insect Warfare, Circle Of Dead Children, In Disgust, P.L.F

50/50 are a self-labelled skate-grind band, so I was expecting some fast paced, thrashcore influenced stuff when I first listened to them. Much to my surprise I discovered that they have more in common with the death/gore-grind side of things. Brutal, guttural vocals and beefy riffs and slams dominate this corker of an EP, with filthy, gore soaked lyrics centering around skateboarding. While this may seem like a gimmicky sort of band, 50/50 really do deliver some crushing tunes on this release, and while they may be defunct now, you can still snag the goods here.

1. Blood Soaked Security Guard
2. Skate Gore
3. Bong Water Vomitus
4. Wall Ride Waste
5. Curb Slaughter
6. Frontside Face Grind
7. Gator Mutilation
8. Skitchin'
9. Heat Exhaustion
10. Let's Joust
11. Sticky Blunt Stall
12. Testicular Trauma


Kilslug - Answer The Call

'Answer The Call'

Genre/s: Noise rock, sludge, punk
For Fans Of: Flipper, Melvins, Black Flag,

Kilslug are a criminally overlooked band that basically took the weird, annoying side of Flipper and combined it with the grunt and muscle of heavy metal and punk. Kilslug's brand of sleazy, grimy proto-sludge is kind of hard to listen to - it's grating, it's off kilter and just, really, really lazy - but like Flipper, it works really well.  Boredom, frustration, anger - it's all here, but with a wry sense of humour and a heavy dose of cynicism. Dissillusionment has never sounded so good folks.

1. Into A Hole
2. Henderson's Rag
3. Death Squad
4. Of Course
5. Demon Blue
6. Tart Cart
7. Red Devil
8. Make It Rain
9. Eater Time
10. Bring Back The Dead
11. Bad Karma


Tuesday 30 July 2013

Dead Language - Self Titled LP

'Dead Language'
Dead Language

Genre/s: Powerviolence, Fastcore
For Fans Of: No Comment, Iron Lung, Low Threat Profile, Walls

Holy shit man, you should've seen my jaw drop when I first heard about these guys. Members of Iron Lung and Walls - with the legendary Andy Beattie (No Comment, Low Threat Profile, Man Is The Bastard etc etc). You can see why I was so enthusiastic. Essentially capturing the raw fury of the 90s scene, courtesy of Beattie's relentless vocal assault and pitting it against the noisy, angular oddities of Iron Lung Record's alumni, this LP is a kick ass slice of powerviolence goodness. The slow/fast dynamics are played excellently, while the feedback and noise brays angrily in between the bursts of violence and anger. Album closer 'Misanthropy' is probably the highlight - a 9 minute juggernaut of sludgy noise rock with some brilliant atmospheric noise work, though anything off this release is gold in my eyes. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

1. Paranoia
2. Kingdom Come
3. Taking Control
4. They're Still Out There
5. We Are Watching You Fail
6. Short Straw
7. Ignorance
8. A New Dark Age
9. Misanthropy


Headless Death - Demo

Headless Death

Genre/s: Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Phobia, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Agathocles

Headless death are a sweet little outfit from Melbourne who play some great, early grindcore influenced tunes. This demo's a filthy, murk mish-mash of crust, grind, death metal and punk with awesome raspy vocals and great grooves. The lo-fi quality of this demo really adds a great element to the listen, especially with the drums (cymbals especially) dominating the overall sound. These dudes whould have some new stuff out soon, so keep an ear out.

1. Total Atrophy
2. Fuse
3. Solace In Death
4. Dietary Underclass
5. Flawless System
6. Rape Yourself
7. Hating Life (Grave cover)
8. Headless Death
9. Thrash And Blow Up


No Trend - Too Many Humans

'Too Many Humans'
No Trend

Genre/s: Noise Rock, No Wave, Hardcore, Noise Punk
For Fans Of: Brainbombs, Mars, DNA, Flipper, Sonic Youth

No Trend are one of the few bands I consider to be a 'legitimate' punk band. They really didn't give a shit. Their music's the manifestation of their disillusionment with the then current punk/hardcore scene and it's contrived, pigeonholed sound, and I think that's great. Taking cues from the more dissonant no wave bands of the New York scene, throwing in the aggression of punk and hardcore and the dense and glueing it together with the weirdness and experimental edge that made Sonic Youth so popular - No Trend's unique style made them one of the more interesting acts to appear in the 1980s punk scene. The lyrics and vocal delivery are incredibly scathing and cynical,  the guitars scrape and grind and fuzz in a horrendous display of atonality all while strong, repetitive and unusually cohesive bass lines keep everything from collapsing in on itself. No Trend went on to evolve into a jazz/funk/punk fusion band, and while their sound had lost it's abrasive ege they still managed to be 1000x more 'punk' than half the bands around today, purely because of their uncompromising dedication to churning out weird, challenging music.

1. Family Style
2. Blow Dry
3. Reality Breakdown
4. Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group
5. Fashion Tips For The 80s
6. Too Many Humans
7. For The Fun Of It All
8. Mindless Little Insects
9. Happiness Is...


Monday 29 July 2013

Direwolves - Me From Myself, To Banish

'Me From Myself To Banish'

Genre: Hardcore, Metalcore
For Fans Of: Birds In Row, Jungbluth, United Nations, Alpinist

Direwolves are a hardcore from band France who play a refreshing style of modern hardcore. Think metallic hardcore, but with nods to screamo, crust and post rock. Crushing guitars and chaotic vocals are set against quieter, more progressive sections, intertwined with raw emotion and energy. These guys are yet another excellent band off Throatruiner Record's awesome roster (Yes, go check it out) and well worth your time.

1. Growling Defeat
2. Dialogue Of No Light
3. Reach This Hand
4. Diving And Struggling
5. Me From Myself - To Banish
6. Relief


Full Of Hell - Noise (Volumes 1 - 4)

'FOH Noise' (Volumes 1-4)
Full Of Hell
2011 - 2013

Genre: Harsh Noise, Ambient, Experimental
For Fans Of: Merzbow, Bastard Noise, Throbbing Gristle

You may or may not know Full of Hell. You may or may not also know that they've been releasing some neat little noise tapes every so often. Abandoning their usual dark hardcore assault completely (save for 'Atmosphere' - the awesome sludge metal re-imaging of the Joy Division song on Vol. 4), these tapes showcase Full Of Hell's more experimental side. These 4 tapes contain a range of noisy delacacies - from power electronics, ambient, drone and just straight up harsh noise. These suckers are a must have for any fan of the band, especially those of you who enjoyed their forays into noise on their other releases.


FOH Noise Vol.1:
1. there is a beginning...
2. a dream
3. walking dissonance
4. and an end...

FOH Noise Vol. 2
1. Defeaning Echoes
2. ...Of A Vacant Dwelling

FOH Noise Vol. 3
1. Atmosphere
2. Dead Mudlark In Thames
3. Outpost 1-2 6

FOH Noise Vol. 4
1. Passed Oast
2. Airstrike #304: Civillians Become Soot
3. Secular Form
4. Birth Of Trog
5. Paint Peels Listless From Every Wall


Sunday 28 July 2013

Dragged Into Sunlight - Widowmaker

Dragged Into Sunlight

Genre: Blackened Doom, Sludge Metal, Death Metal
For Fans Of: Anaal Nathrakh, Coffinworm, Meth Drinker

Dragged Into Sunlight, everyone's (least)favourite purveyors of sonic despair unleashed this bad boy on us last year, and cor blimey it's still a force to be reckoned with. Throw every slow/dark/evil genre you can think of together, kick it in the teeth a couple of times and kill its parents and you'll have a pretty good idea as to what Dragged Into Sunlight sound like. On this album, or rather song (or both??) DiS pour all their nihilism, misanthropy and hatred into one ugly 40 minute dirge. Technically a song in three parts - the first part is surprisingly poignant (though eerie and foreboding) - setting the scene with subdued guitars, pianos and melancholic strings. Fifteen minutes in is where things get gnarly - a gritty sample just before the song lurches into its monstrous 2nd and 3rd parts. It's the typical DiS from here on in, howling/growling vocals, massive guitars and lumbering, feedback drenched doom catharsis.

1. Widowmaker (Parts 1, 2, and 3)


Breathe Knives - Hellen Keller EP

'Hellen Keller'
Breathe Knives

Genre: Metalcore, Noisecore, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Throats, Graf Orlock, Godflesh, Totally Unicorn

Woo! This blog's first submission (remember submissions are totally cool, just don't inundate me). Breathe Knives, apart from having a pretty creative name, churn out some awesome, off-kilter metallic 'core'. I say 'core' because it's pretty tricky to pigeon hole these guys. While the guitars are definitely rooted in the noisecore/chaotic metalcore side of things, the raspy, gnarly vocals sound like something off a Phobia album and the programmed drums lend it a cool industrial/inhuman vibe. There's the right balance of abrasiveness and groove (all hail the chug) while the samples keep things fresh and amusing (The Louis CK one in 'Whorehouse In Distress'). Give this a listen, and while you're at check out their other stuff on bandcamp.

1. Seatbelt For Your Teeth
2. Smiledriver
3. Whorehouse In Distress


Rainbow Of Death - Self Titled EP

'Rainbow Of Death'
Rainbow of Death

Genre: Fastcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence
For Fans Of: Dead Kennedys, Romantic Gorilla, Jellyroll Rockheads, Mind Of Asian

I was lucky enough to catch Monarch! the other day, and holy fucking shit they put on a hell of a show. ANYWAY I was reminded that the members of Monarch! also play in a kick-ass band called Rainbow of Death. Rainbow of Death play a delightfully mismatched style of hardcore that blends the ferocity and intensity of fastcore and powerviolence with catchy hooks reminiscent of J-Pop (vocals and all). And on top of that, they throw in a couple brief moments of surf-y/skate-y punk (a la Dead Kennedys or the Adolescents). If that doesn't sound like the tightest shit, then you're on the wrong fucking site buddy. But seriously, this is by far one the catchiest punk albums in the decade, and it's great if you want something with a bit of bite - but you can still tap your foot along to. Unfortunately this EP is the only thing Rainbow Of Death has put out (and it doesn't look like they'll be putting anything else out), so go snag it and play it until your ears fall off or something.

1. Rainbow Of Death
2. Nice Happy Day
3. Turbonekronomicon
4. Death Rock and Rollerskates
5. Bayonne Uber Alles
6. Corpse-Paint Cowboy
7. Five Finger Discount Anthem
8. Hellbent For Kitty
9. Transylvanian Princess
10. Hellectric Guitarmy
11. Dark Funeral
12. Fuck The Future
13. Hello! Candy Kill


Tuesday 23 July 2013

Hammerhead - Evil Twin EP

'Evil Twin'

Genre: Noise Rock, Grunge, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Unsane, Mudhoney, Cows, Kepone

Hammerhead were one of AmRep's more grungier and accessible bands, though that doesn't mean they won't rip you a new one. Sporting a sound that's muddy, groovy and abrasive with so many awesome bass riffs you'll lose count of them, this EP is 7 reasons why the 90s were cool as fuck.


Hailgun - Accident EP

'Accident EP'

Genre: Hardcore
For Fans Of: Haymaker, The Gatecrashers, Gang Green, SS Decontrol

Hailgun are a nifty little hardcore outfit from Melbourne, Australia. On this EP they showcase a modern take on the speedier side of 80s hardcore with plenty of thrashy riffs and throwdown opportunities. I rank these guys up there as one of the best Australian hardcore bands around at the moment, and they're definitely worth checking out. They have a bandcamp too, so go give that a look too.

You're Fucked

Coughs - Fright Makes Right

'Fright Makes Right'

Genre: Noise Rock, No Wave, Experimental
For Fans Of: Boredoms, Happy Flowers, Melt Banana, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks

Not to be confused with the doom metal band (Cough), Coughs bring a very different brand of musical nihilism. Atonal is a word that comes to mind, but it truly doesn't do the band justice. Frontwoman Anya Davidson's scary, schizophrenic vocals (thinks screams, off key singing and spoken word) lead the aural assault, a barrage of noise achieved by a range of instruments including saxophones, oil drums, keyboards and sheet metal. If scary, rhythmic and tribal noise rock via 70s new wave sounds like your kinda thing, give this a shot.

1. Intro
2. Animal Hospital
3. Come Back To Me
4. Elephant
5. Elimidate
6. Fright Makes Right
7. Garter Snake
8.  Give Peace A Chance
9. Homeland
10. I'm Just A Bill
11. Mail Order
12. Narwhal
13. Penal Colony
14. Photo Safari
15. Starchitect
16. Stars And Stripes And Whatever

Penal Colony

Thursday 18 July 2013

Macronympha - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

'Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania'

Genre: Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Prurient, Grunt, Yellow Tears, Grey Wolves

One of the more well-known US harsh noise acts, Macronypmha create bleak, industrial-esque noisescapes that'll make your skin crawl and your ears bleed - using sheet metal, effects loops and various other pieces of analogue equipment to recreate the stifling, dirty atmosphere of Pittsburgh's steel mills and lower class suburbs through a screeching, crawling vortex of noise.

1. Necro
2. Hispanic
3. Semite (Arab and Jew)
4. Rusted Steel and Rotting Flesh

Rusted Steel and Rotting Flesh

Coffins - Buried Death

'Buried Death'

Genre: Death Metal, Doom Metal
For Fans Of: Autopsy, Obituary, Winter, Convulse

Coffins are a metal band straight outta Japan who play a devilish mix of traditional death metal and doom metal. By taking the groove pioneered by Floridian death metal bands in the late 80s/early 90s and adding in the sinister, diminished tones of doom (a la Autopsy), Coffins have concocted a purulent, pulsating metal monster. The grunted, guttural vocals add an extra element of menace and 'grossness' to the album, masking it in the unmistakable stench of death and dread.

1. Under The Stench
2. Buried Death
3. Cadaver Blod
4. Altars In Gore
5. Mortificiation To Ruin
6. Deadly Sinners
7. Purgatorial Madness
8. Frozen Styx

Altars In Gore

Friday 12 July 2013

Cattle Decapitation - Discography

Cattle Decapitation
1996 - 2012


'Ten Torments of the Damned' - 1997
'Human Jerky' - 1999
'Homovore' - 2000
'To Serve Man' - 2002
'Humanure' - 2004
'Split EP with Caninus' - 2005
'Karma. Bloody. Karma'
'The Harvest Floor' - 2009
'Monolith Of Inhumanity' - 2012

Genre: Deathgrind, Goregrind, Grindcore, Death Metal
For Fans Of: Cephalic Carnage, Aborted, Lord Gore, Murder Construct, Regurgitate

This here is a complete collection of everybody's favourite vegan grinders. Starting life as companion band of sorts to the the Locust, and eventually evolving from the disgusting goregrind or earlier releases into a technically proficient deathgrind beast, there's something in here for everybody (well, uh, you know what I mean). When it comes to lyrics, Cattle Decapitation's got some of the most imaginative, vivid and down right horrid and vocally, Travis Ryan grunts, growls, squeals and squelches his way through a menagerie of putrid, purulent songs. Instrumentally you'll be treated to groovy slams, technical death metal riffs and the fastest, most brutal drumming I've ever heard. This is a must have for any fan of the genre.

(Note: The parts aren't in chronological order, so it's all over the place. On the other hand, it's a complete discography, so that's cool)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Затухание - Self Titled


Genre: Harsh Noise, Blackened Noise, Black Metal
For Fans Of: Stalaggh/Gulaggh, Vegas Martyrs, Feldgrau, D-Clone

This here is a vile piece of nastiness. 6 tracks of harsh, misanthropic, nihilistic cacophony that barely resembles music. Weaving between industrial/noise and a more conventional black metal style, Затухание is a truly fucked up concoction of venemous sounds.

1. туманами...
2. зора утихает
3. тростью убит...
4. Кикимора
5. древодемон
6. И в лесу и в избе... лежу я везде


Scaphe - Forking Paths

'Forking Paths'

Genre: Powerviolence, Grindcore, Experimental
For Fans Of: Man Is The Bastard, Bastard Noise, Consent, Godstomper

Everyone loves Man Is The Bastard (or pretends to love them), and in lieu of their renewed popularity, comes Scaphe. On this LP, the band showcases their bass heavy (and only sound), with plenty of intricate riffs, progressions and drum fills. Across 9 tracks, the band explores lightning fast jazz/hardcore fusion, monolithic sludge and power electronics - a delightful combination if you ask me. While these guys are certainly indebted to MITB, they've managed to put a more modern and updated spin to their music that keeps things fresh. This is a band that I'll definitely be keeping an eye, and with a new LP in the works, there's even more reason to be excited.


Sunday 7 July 2013

Satan's Satyrs - Wild Beyond Belief!

'Wild Beyond Belief'
Satan's Satyrs

Genre: Too many to list
For Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Inepsy, G.G Allin, Brainbombs

Holy shit, this band is basically a chimera made entirely of various music genres. I could simplify things and call it metal punk (the band lists Electric Wizard and Black Flag as their main influences) but it goes a whole lot deeper than that. Take the sleazyness of garage rock, add the abrasiveness of noise rock mix in some stoner riffs and sprinkle a bit of first wave black metal rawness on it, and you've got Satan's Satyrs. The guitars are fuzzy the vocals are scuzzy and the recording lo-fi. Basically this sounds like a cooler version of the 70s.

Sadist 69

Torturing Nurse - NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana

Torturing Nurse

Genre: Harsh Noise, Experimental
For Fans Of: Hijokaidan, Hanatarash, Government Alpha, The Gerogerigegege

Torturing Nurse are a harsh noise act from China and on this release, they deliver 45 tracks of unbridled noise-fuckery. There's synth pulses, clanging metal, screams, crazed warbling and heavily altered guitars clamoring together in an orgy of low frequency bursts and high frequency shrieks. Nothing exceeds the two minute mark on this release, and the constant aural assault might eventually tack its toll on your patience and/or ears, but this is an interesting listening nonetheless, with plenty of varied sounds and approaches to noise.


Saturday 6 July 2013

thedowngoing - Untitled EP

'Untitled EP'

Genre: Noisegrind, Noisecore, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Star Sete Sept, HIRS, Anal Cunt, Today Is The Day

thedowngoing are noisegrind outfit straight outta Newcastle, Australia and for a two piece band, these dudes make an ungodly amount of racket. While these guys sometimes tread in conventional grindcore territory with their riffs and drumming, they're firmly rooted in the noisier aspect of the genre. The vocals are amazing - high pitched screams that sound like they're tearing out someone's vocal cords as they're being delivered and gravelly, throaty lows. The cacophony of blastbeats and tremolo picking begins to just melt into your brain and after 9 tracks, it'll probably start seeping out of your nose. One thing's for sure - this is the most sonically intense thing to come out of Australia since 'Earth.Water.Sun' by Agents Of Abhorrence, and after one listen your ears will never be the same again.

1. comingdown
2. inchurch
3. claw
4. droughtbreaker
5. december
6. pulledbystrings
7. hurtnone
8. badmachete
9. muted


Agents Of Satan - The Old Testament

'The Old Testament'
Agents of Satan

Genre: Powerviolence, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Excruciating Terror, The Ultimate Warriors, Plutocracy

Agents of Satan are a whacked out, gory, obscene grind/pv outfit who seemed to be most active in the late 90s. Crazy, high pitched shrieks meet deep, guttural vocals while the instruments lay down some groovy, grind riffs. This release here is basically a discography, complete with some live tracks, unreleased stuff and a few songs from the band's previous incarnation (Radioactive Lunch). Interestingly enough, the lead singer of this band had one arm and they did a split with Burn The Priest (who would of course go on to become Lamb of God).
But I digress- if some goofy, gross and dumb music is what you're after than you've come to the right place.


Unsane - Scattered, Covered and Smothered

'Scattered, Smothered and Covered'

Genre: Noise Rock, Hardcore, Metal, Alternative Rock
For Fans Of: Helmet, Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Fudge Tunnel

First thing's first - if you haven't listened to this album, and you consider yourself a fan of 90s alternative - fet the fuck outta here. This is Unsane's third (and arguably best) release, and on it they refined their sludgy, groovy and menacing take on heavy alternative music. Come to think of it, refine is a poor choice of words - this is a sloppy, grating and raw slice of Am Rep aggression. Everything from the album cover to Chris Spence's tortured vocals points to this being a violent, turbulent beast of an album, and it is. This is a 10/10 album, and rightly so. Also this album gets extra points because of the harmonica in 'Alleged' - godfuckingdamn it's cool.

1. Scrape
2. Alleged
3. Blame Me
4. Out
5. Can't See
6. Get Off My Back
7. Blew
8. Empty Cartridge
9. No Loss
10. Test My Faith
11. Ruin
12. Swim


Thursday 4 July 2013

Taake - Nekro


Genre: Black Metal
For Fans Of: Carpathian Forest, Ulver, Immortal, Norwegian black metal in general

Again, I'll admit I know very little about black metal, and it's probably not a good idea for me to start comparing this stuff to other bands. That being said, this little 3 song EP here was almost solely responsible for convincing me that black metal didn't suck ass. Taake have the right balance of melody and brutality conveyed perfectly through lightning fast riffs, throaty shrieks and ferocious energy. The production's raw enough to make it an organic listening experience, and crisp enough that the drums don't sound like sprinklers.

1. Voldtekt
2. Lamb (Von cover)
3.  Hennes Kalde Skamlepper


Wednesday 3 July 2013

Guilty Connector - Mother's Bloated Corpse

'Mother's Bloated Corpse'
Guilty Connector

Genre: Harsh Noise, Power Electronics
For Fans Of: Merzbow, Incapacitants, C.C.C.C, etc.

Mother's Bloated corpse is a suitably gruesome title for such an ugly, volatile release. This is 10 of some of the most venomous, abrasive harsh noise committed to CD. It's a pulsating, oscillating ride and while most of it is straight up noise, there are some punk and metal influences evident (there's a Sabbath cover/remix) and a few traditional instruments thrown in for good measure. This is an intense listen folks, with only a few 'quiet' moments to give you enough time to pick yourself up off the floor.

1. Guilty C.
2. Mother's Bloated Corpse -WRN!
3. Mother's Bloated Corpse -STF MIX
4. Subway To The Agharta
5. Symptom Of The Universe
6. Now Wait For Yesternow
7. Manimal Genocidal
9. Heremsaurus At Ant-Anna

10. Different Water


Tuesday 2 July 2013

Queens Of The Stone Age- Self Titled

'Queens Of The Stone Age'
Queens Of The Stone Age

Genre: Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Desert Rock, Alternative
For Fans Of: Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Torche, Them Crooked Vultures

And now for something completely different. Queens Of The Stone Age get lumped into that horrendous, modern bastardised version of the 'alternative' category, and this seems to put off a lot of people. If you can look past this, you'll get some excellent riffs, brilliant vocals and some pretty unique music. There's a lot about this album in particular to like - the bass riff in Mexicola, Josh Homme's washed out, falsetto vocals in Regular John or the intro to Walking On The Sidewalks. It's a groovy, it's a little odd and it's pretty darn heavy. Let the fuzzy, riffy goodness wash over you - it'll melt your brain and get stuck in your head for weeks. Oh yeah.

1. Regular John
2. Avon
3. If Only
4. Walkin' on the Sidewalks
5. You Would Know
6. How to Handle a Rope 
7. Mexicola
8. Hispanic Impressions
9. You Can't Quit Me Baby
10. Give the Mule What He Wants

11. I Was a Teenage Hand Model

Breathing Fire - Years of Lead

'Years of Lead'
Breathing Fire

Genre: Powerviolence, Hardcore, Stoner/Sludge
For Fans of: Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, Dystopia, Mammoth Grinder

Breathing Fire are a rowdy group of misfits playing some super fast, hardcore/powerviolence jams. While about 65% of their stuff is straight forward, face smashing pv, they've opted for a fuzzy guitar tone and the occasional stoner/sludge metal riff. While most bands in the genre are no strangers to slow, drawn out passages, Breathing Fire add some much welcome groove and personality to the chug. This is a top notch LP, and it comes complete with a pretty faithful rendition of 'I Wanna Be Dog'. Neato.

1. Short Leg
2. Cara Al Sol
3. Sb140
4. Target Face
5. Aguirre
6. Great Silence
7. Capo Morra
8. Super Siege
9. Wsrd
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges cover)
11. Hit Machines
12. Hntr127

13. Diet333


Threatener - And The Bending Of Throats

'And The Bending of Throats'

Genre: Powerviolence, Fastcore, Noisecore
For Fans Of: Crossed Out, D-Clone, Triac

10 songs, 4 minutes and more stop and starts than you can poke a broken drumstick at. Threatener don't let up at all on this EP - it's some of the most noisy, abrasive powerviolence I've had the (dis)pleasure of hearing. The drums and guitars are raw as fuck, and will cut through you like the rustiest fucking buzzsaw in the shed, while the frantic, yelled vocals will beat the shit out of your dismembered corpse. You want a nasty piece of hardcore brutality? Go listen to this.

1. Weekend Mishap
2. Gates Of Tooth And Horn
3. Six Robes
4. Chaos Apes
5. Infant Reprimand
10. Antlers In The Throat
11. Powertools As A Means For Liberation From A Restrictive Species
12. Amniotic Trauma
13. Pills From A Phone Booth Change Tray

14. Home Remedies