Wednesday 8 November 2017


Discharge Mountain

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Industrial, Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Noise
For Fans Of: White Hospital, Nails Øv Christ, Current 93, Test Dept.

New release from Grim? You know I'm fucking there. When this was announced over the summer, it instantly took a place at the top of my most anticipated releases of the year (I'm talking spot #1 or #2 here). And of course, it didn't disappoint; it's easily one of my favorite things that's come out this year -- no surprise there.

For those who already know Grim's unique brand of industrial, this new material is exactly what you want to hear. And for those who don't, this release (and all of Grim's discography in general) is a thing of both beauty and horror at the same time. There's something truly disquieting about Jun Konagaya's ability to combine uncomfortably serene melodies and atmospheres with devastatingly crushing heavy, harsh electronics and industrial sounds which really puts him in his own league -- nothing and nobody can ever seem to touch him. On Discharge Mountain, Grim brings it all to the table: pulsating rhythms, traditional folk elements, drudging percussion, and veritable tempests of harsh electronics being hurled without mercy; and all of these sounds are held within perfectly crafted threnodies of ritualistic sonic torment.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: everything Grim has put out is incredible and should be held among the best and most essential industrial ever made. This release is just one more piece of evidence to add to the pile that is an already flawless discography.

1. Discharge Mountain
2. Summons
3. Goddess Moth
4. Nine


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