Sunday 9 August 2020


The Shits

(Artist submission)

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Post-Punk
For Fans Of: Brainbombs, Rusted Shut, Drunk In Hell, The Homopolice

Let me make this easy for you -- this is one of the best noise rock records of 2020, and not much, other than Brainbombs and maybe a handful of others, comes close to the ferocity and abject filth that comes out of your speakers listening to this LP. When I say noise rock, I mean NOISE rock. I'm not talking about all those boring grunge wannabe bands who people hype up in a certain facebook group I'm a part of, I'm talking about the real, vile shit. And what better band for the real, vile shit than The Shits?

Many of you remember I reviewed their first tape, in addition to bands members have previously been a part of (No Form, Foot Hair, etc), and that I gave it all high praise. Well, this review is not going to be much different, in that it's got nothing but the highest praises. Every single track on this 40 minute monsterpiece is a dirge through a broken bottle littered hellscape, where, if you're dragged along for the ride, you have the misfortune of catching on every single piece of sticky, dirty glass that can possibly get stuck in you; so for your sake, I hope you like infected wounds. You can almost smell how repugnant this album is, taste how acerbic, and feel its fetid, revolting textures more and more as it plods along, uncaring about the destruction left in its wake. As I said, the highest of praises. Brown Sugar may have already taken the title "Get Mugged," but I would argue it's way more fitting for this band.

But don't take my word for it, listen for yourself. Experience the euphoria of being bludgeoned to death by killer riff after fucking riff, while being snarled at in a heavy Leeds accent. The Shits will drink your fucking blood.

1. Jackal
2. Witching Hour
3. Murder On My Mind
4. I Am The Street
5. The Boss
6. A Slow And Aching Pain
7. Whatever
8. Drink Your Blood

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