Monday 16 March 2015

Velvet Whip - Triple Post

'Warm And Tough', 'Adelaide Tour CS' and 'Bronze Medallion'
Velvet Whip

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore
For Fans Of: Leather Lickers, Soma Coma, Flesh World, Meth Sores, Pathetic Human, Siege

If you like your hardcore very loosely held together, raw and dripping with malice - I may just have the thing for you,
Hailing from Melbourne, Velvet Whip are purveyors of the aforementioned traits, spewing out caustic breakneck jams that are drenched in so much noise and distortion they just bleed into each other. Sporting a decidedly lo-fi aesthetic (not helped by the fact I ripped 'Bronze Medallion' from tape myself), the band beef up their ferocious sound with nods to everything from improvisational noise, psychedelic and classic rock (their name is taken from a Hawkwind song funnily enough) and 80s outsider hardcore (think Siege in Grim Reaper mode or United Mutation). Certainly one of Australia's most unhinged and experimental hardcore bands and one of my personal favourites.
Included here are Velvet Whip's three current releases, in glorious digital format for your listening pleasure. For those of you keen to pick up a physical copy, you can find the Bronze Medallion tape at at the Cool Death Records store here. You may also want to keep your eyes and ears primed for the new Velvet Whip tape that's due later this year.


Warm And Tough
1. Gloss
2. Vasectomy
3. Licorice Stick
4. Computer Love
5. Joyride
6. Walk In The Park

Adelaide Tour CS
1. Bronze Medallion
2. Wildfly
3. Licorice Stick

Bronze Medallion
1. Humbug
2. Wildfly
3. Bronze Medallion

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