Thursday 18 February 2016

Billy Bao - Communisation

Billy Bao

(Band Submission)

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise
For Fans Of: Cosmonauts Hail Satan, Premature Ejactulation, Twin Stumps, Skullflower

Everyone at FBN is a huge Billy Bao fan, I'm talking geek status; so when I saw Mattin sent us an email, giving us a heads up about the new 12" (which I actually knew about, as it was one of my most anticipated and favorite releases of 2015), I practically jumped out of my chair. I actually wanted to post this when it came out in December, but couldn't, because it wasn't up for free download -- but now we've gotten the green light, so here we go.

Those of you who know Billy Bao should have an idea of what to expect; on Communisation, they are doing what they do best. Those who don't, you're in for a ride. Billy Bao is notorious for their ability to create some of the most jarring and uncomfortable noise and noise rock, by not only combining the most abrasive elements of both instrumental and electronic noise; but also by turning those combinations into horrifying sound collages though the use of musique concrète techniques to play around with their mixes. Communisation sees them utilizing this style over the course of two tracks. The first is somewhat in the vein of their May 08 LP; it's 10 minutes of noise rock interspersed with power electronics and occasionally random instrumentation, field recordings, piercing tones, and sounds that make you think maybe something is wrong with your speakers (or headphones or whatever). The second reminds me of their Urban Disease LP; the track is a 20 minute sound collage which focuses on field recordings, tape loops, power electronics, and occasional instrumentation (mostly percussion). Trust me, it doesn't get boring at all, it's fucking terrifying and it's fucking awesome. This LP is a great addition to their already fantastic discography (which I obviously highly recommend).

Here's the short version: if you want noise -- and I mean more than just power electronics or monotonous repetition, I mean shit that is genuinely challenging and out there -- then Billy Bao should be your first stop. Smash that download button and get fucked up.

1. Debt: The Crisis To Come
2. Communisation: The Revolution Of Our Times


On a related note, Mattin also sent the Lagos Sessions 2xLP which I'll be reviewing for Cvlt Nation since they don't want the recordings out just yet. So keep a lookout for that.