Saturday 27 June 2015

Iron Lung Mystery Product (New Rip, Fixed Tracks!)

'Mystery Product'
Unknown Artist (Mystery Product)

Review* by Joey

Genre/s: Hardcore Punk, Noise Rock, Noise Punk
For Fans Of: White Wards, Cult Ritual, Society Nurse, Walls

*I'm too lazy to write a totally new review, so here's the same one I used the last time I posted this, but with some edits and additions:

"It's a mystery you dummy."

That's all Iron Lung Records has to say about this anonymous, unmarked cassette.  It came out under the radar last year in an unknown quantity and with no information on the artist released.  It has been speculated that this is the unreleased LP of Mentally Challenged, a band featuring members of Mind Eraser and others, but the label has neither confirmed nor denied this claim.

What I can tell you, however, is that this tape is amazing.  From the very first ringing of feedback to the last drum hit, this release is a wild ride.  There's something in here for everyone: stompy punk, off kilter hardcore, deathrocky dirges, and even strange noise/ambient interludes.  The only artists I can really compare this material to are primarily other bands on the Iron Lung Records roster such as White Wards and Walls, both of which deliver weird, noise drenched hardcore punk. Also like the previously mentioned bands, there is a lot of subtlety to be found here, much of which is not apparent on the first listen (and certainly wasn't as easy to pick out on my previous rip) and which adds a great deal of depth to the release; not everything jumps right out at you, and some of the things you pick up with multiple listens really make you realize just how much shit is going on in these songs and, if you're like me, it'll make you love it more and more with each listen.

I doubt you'll ever see this tape surface unless somebody is selling it on discogs or ebay, so I highly recommend checking it out. Oh, and thanks to ILR for posting this on your bandcamp and indirectly tipping me off that my rip had an incorrect track list; and also that the rip was not quite as good as I had previously thought.

1. Mystery Product I
2. Mystery Product II
3. Mystery Product III
4. Mystery Product IV
5. Mystery Product V
6. Mystery Product VI
7. Mystery Product VII
8. Mystery Product VIII
9. Mystery Product IX
10. Mystery Product X
11. Mystery Product XI
12. Mystery Product XII
13. Mystery Product XIII


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