Monday 19 October 2015

Savage Blind God

Savage Blind God

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Deathrock, Hardcore Punk, Goth
For Fans Of: Rudimentary Peni, Dry Insides, Raspberry Bulbs, Perspex Flesh

Okay, so this demo floored me. It's so evil and filthy, so twisted and disturbed. I went into it being told it was blackened punk, but honestly this is way more deathrock than blackened punk. The main influence is very obvious: Rudimentary Peni. However, what sets them apart from the endless seas of Peni wannabes is the fact that, not only do they have a hyper-aggressive edge, but that rather than trying to copy Farce and Death Church, Savage Blind God draws specifically from Rudimentary Peni's material released from 1997-2008, which I find is overlooked by a lot of people (obviously not trying to claim it's obscure by any means, rather that people usually talk about 1982 Peni rather than 2004 Peni).

All I really know about Savage Blind God is that they are from Providence, RI, a city which many people assume lives in Boston's shadow, but is actually home to some incredibly important bands (Dropdead, Lightning Bolt, Daughters, etc). Well, that and they really know how to make some macabre sounding tunes which simultaneously feel like death and being punched in the gut repeatedly. I wouldn't really consider this worship, since it has the ability to stand on its own, but there are some serious homages to Peni they throw in like the weird layered, spoken/echoed vocals. Plus, the lyrics feel as if they could have been taken from the pages of Lovecraft, and when bands can pull that off, they got me hooked.

I'm hoping this band can put out more material, because their demo really hit the spot for me. I'll hopefully be seeing them at Not Just A Boys Club, so I'm looking forward to that. But anyway, if you're fixing for some gnarly, lovecraftian riffage, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed (or maybe you will, I don't know you).

1. Omnipresent Wyrm
2. Hy(i)ste(o)rical Society
3. Bloodied Scripture
4. Sickening Sanity
5. Sedate And Infect
6. Where Spirits Get Eaten

DOWNLOAD (bandcamp)

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