Monday, 9 November 2015

Prurient - DOUBLE POST

'Unmasking The Insect/Cocaine Daughter'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Industrial, Power Electronics
For Fans Of: Prurient doing minimal power electronics/Prurient doing straight up harsh noise

Prurient has given us three releases this year, and this post contains the two that aren't Frozen Niagra Falls. Both releases here show considerable departures from his current style, so if you've come here via FNF you may be in for a bit of a surprise.
Let's start with Unmasking The Insect. Probably the personal favourite of the two for me, these five tracks see Prurient dabbling in minimal, washed out power electronics and droning industrial soundscapes. It recalls some of the disturbing, clinical qualities of Atrax Morgue's output with the lo-fi textures and atmospheres that Posh Iso/Chondritic Sound have been peddling. Really great stuff, and always a pleasure to hear Prurient's more minimal and structured output.
Cocaine Daughter on the other hand is just one big ole slab of dense, metallic noise. Harsh walls of synth, feedback manipulations and swathes of white noise are the name of the game here. Cocaine Daughter isn't too far off from Exploring Jezebel levels of texture and grit, and is utterly uncompromising throughout its run time - which happens to be 80 minutes. Oooft.
Both releases, in nice separate download folders no less, are waiting for you to get yer grubby mitts all over them. I doth implore you to listen to both.

Unmasking The Insect
1. Prosecution Scepter
2. Medicine Crawl
3. Raped By The Dragon (Granite Columns)
4. Private Tombs (Estate Liquidation)
5. Like Reeds In The Wind (Corpus)

Cocaine Daughter
1. BTK Machine Sugar
2. Dayglow Bandage
3. Nylon Fluorescent Insect Bound
5. World Nail
6. Quartz Blood Lens
7. Appearing Townsman
8. Transparent Child
9. White Phosphorus Baths

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