Wednesday 27 July 2016


Moth Slasher
Moth Slasher

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Post-Punk, Industrial
For Fans Of: Slices, Locust (before the The), Happy Flowers, Walls

Dude, I gotta say...I love when friends' bands are good. That seems like such an obvious statement, but one of the worst feelings in the world is when a friend sends you their band (or worse asks you in person how you felt after just watching a set) and you don't like it, and gotta figure out if you should dance around things or just flat out tell them the hard truth. Well, in the case of Moth Slasher, the hard truth is that they are fucking disgustingly great.

Moth Slasher is kinda hard to pigeonhole, which is something that's always refreshing. My first impression was that they reminded me of The Locust's earliest recordings (splits with Jenny Piccolo and Man Is The Bastard/Noise) sans blast beats, but keeping the industrial/electronics, mixed with Slices. So basically it's totally blown out, filthy, crushingly heavy, and unpredictable; but dirging and rhythmic. But wait, there's more. Moth Slasher manages to make nods to one of my all time favorites, Happy Flowers. There are parts which just completely fall apart -- seemingly forgoing all structure, and embracing pure musical decomposition -- while still relying on traditional punk instruments as the means for producing sonic mayhem. And what glorious mayhem it is.

So hold onto your hat and watch the's going to be a bumpy ride.*

1. I Don't Know Him
2. Flowers Dead
3. Mecha Parasite Brain
4. Zero Return
5. Watch You Die
6. Free Wi-Fi


*read in Mark Hamill's Joker voice

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