Sunday 7 August 2016



Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Post-Punk, Psych
For Fans Of: The Stooges, Blank Veins, Paul Chain, Drunks With Guns I'm sure many of you heard earlier this year about a new Brainbombs LP...and it's finally here! I'm kinda flipping out over it, because they somehow are still consistently churning out some of the most haunting, filthy, and memorable tracks of any noise rock band ever, despite having been a band for a little over 30 years at this point. Granted, it's generally one riff per song, but goddamn are they great. However, this LP sees Sweden's Meanest taking a direction they haven't played with this much since their Genius And Brutality...Taste And Power LP; that's right, they're pulling out the psych.

Those familiar with Brainbombs' output shouldn't be too surprised with what they're doing on Souvenirs. They've always had heavy psych leanings, but what sets the material on this LP apart from the rest of their work is that  a lot of the tracks are driven more by creating frightening moods and atmospheres rather than every riff being big and bad. That's not to say this LP doesn't have big, bad riffs, because it really does. But the feelings of emotional detachment and emptiness are more at the forefront of it all; and it feels unnerving in a way most of their output doesn't (aside from the Genius And Brutality...Taste And Power LP). It really is incredible that Brainbombs have found ways to keep their output from getting stale, while still maintaining their overall aesthetic. Plus, at least now I have this killer to listen to while I cry over not being able to see them in LA.

Blah, blah it's Brainbombs doing what they do best. You know what you're getting into.

1. A Darker Shade Of Pain
2. In Danger
3. Beyond Darkness
4. Let Me Kill
5. Satisfied
6. Having Fun
7. Souvenirs
8. Darkness