Sunday 21 August 2016


"Flesh Burns" Demo 2016  

Review By Jerry

Genre/s: Death Metal, Punk, 90's Metal
For Fans Of: Christbait, Beanflipper, Mangacide, Massappeal, Misery (Aus)

New bands revitalizing classic sounds and styles of a particular era of extreme music is nothing new but rarely does a band come along and have their influences sorted out with such an acute precision of a long gone and obscure style that chances are you may not even know any of the bands listed in the "For Fans Of" section (guilty of this myself).

Coming from a rich pedigree of old and new bands (Where's The Pope?, Ripped Off, The Submissivies, Pissed On, Sick People), Unbound are manic time travelers adventuring back into the long forgotten times of 90's punk-metal. Ripping into it from the get go they traverse back to a  realm of heavy music in an era that is seldom traveled. From the start they dive down into a time-frozen zone of death metal/thrash and return with specimens like "Morbid Freaks" before they go back again into an alt-metal dimension on "Births Eulogy" before finally their obsessive endeavors catch up to them causing a time rift with worlds colliding together in a spiraling frenzy of heavily effected madness which is documented in "Epitaphic
Confines" and "Only Dead".  Sparing nothing from their methodical styles and grooves the same can be said for the tight and very un-demo like production. Slick and dense guitar and bass tones combating against rugged and plummeting drums whilst they all carry the vocalist around howling in the language of insanity into a flanged-out void.

Unbound has done a top notch job exhuming this peculiar style of 90's Australian punk-metal out from the ground. While at first this may sound like its an acquired taste it only seems that way because Unbound proudly wear their influences on their sleeves when no one else wanted them.

1. Flesh Burns
2. Momentary
3. Morbid Freaks
4. Births Eulogy
Epitaphic Confines
6. Only Dead



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