Sunday 28 September 2014

FUCKED BY NEWCASTLE: Hacked To Chunks - Demo Tape

'Demo Tape'
Hacked To Chunks

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Grindcore, Mincecore
For fans of: Warsore, Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Violent Gorge, Dahmer, Pizza Hi-Five

For my next few reviews, I am going to feature my own series of bands to come out of Newcastle in NSW, simply called Fucked By Newcastle. Newcastle is a city that's two hours north up the coast from Sydney. It's a peculiar town, in that being the second most populous area in the state, it's been a ghost town most of the times I've been there. Most small-to-medium sized bands, both local and international, make the stop at Newcastle, and it has its own thriving and lucrative underground music scene that has music from all over the spectrum, including primitive noise acts that usually keep to themselves and who seldom put music online except through live bootlegs.

Hacked To Chunks are a grindy/mincecore Newcastle band that features members from a wide variety of musical projects (including a few insestual ones that will probably feature again in this series) including Obat Batuk, Disintegrator, Cock Safari and Amateur Drunks. Musically, I'd probably say they have more in relation to bands like Void and Jerry's Kids than any of the above bands though (a band like Warsore could be mentioned, but would be an exception) because as far as grindcore goes, this is unhinged and primitive with members constantly trying to outplay each other as fast as possible.

Hardcore this is not though. This is pure mincey grind with riffs that are as simple as they come but very chunky (sigh) and completely devastating. The drums are also doing what they do best, delivering these songs from break neck speeds to break every-single-bone-in-your-puny-body speeds, but the vocals are what I think make this really interesting. It's not like the usual deep monster growl, nor the high pitched eagle screams we've come to expect from grindcore. It's more like a disgruntled and drugged out Skeletor doing his best black metal impressions. The only band I can think of that does this style of vocals and does it well is Witch Cult.

This review is an F.B.N. exclusive. There is almost no music of Hacked To Chunks available online bar a few YouTube videos, so I got permission to rip my copy of the demo tape here, since the only way to get this tape is to see them live, given their lack of online presence. It's a bit hissy but otherwise it's audible. The other side of the tape features a live set at a sweet DIY venue in Newcastle called The Pharmacy (got to see Space Bong there once at 1am in the morning) that features more or less the same songs (for you non-Aussie people, the date on the live track reads DD/MM/YY).

There isn't really anything to fault here. If you like your grind as berserk as it can get, then Hacked To Chunks are your new best friends.

1. His Hero Is Bong
2. Eastern Wisdom
3. Two Hits
4. No More Wine
5. Cut It Off
6. Captain Planet
7. Otter
8. Live @ The Pharmacy 29/12/13


Editing by Simon Dawes p.s the original post had the .wav version of the tape but it has now been replaced with the .mp3 version


  1. Noiice, look forward to more Aussie stuff. Keep up the good stuff!

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