Saturday 9 May 2015



Review by Joey

Genre/s: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Anarcho-Punk
For Fans Of: The Ex, Spike In Vain, DNA, Half Japanese

I could start this post off by wondering how I wasn't turned onto this band sooner, but it seems that nobody I know has heard of them either. And the only info I can dig up on them is that they were from the Netherlands; specifically Wormer, the same area which is home to anarcho-punk legends, The Ex. So, since I'm unable to give any real background on this band, I'll just have to talk about the music.

This thing is evil. It's abstract, yet hypnotic and military sounding. Every aspect is calculated, even the horrifying cacophonies which rise and fall into place with a frightening precision. The bands I've listed should give you a good idea of what GRRR sounds like, although I could also compare this to that Blank Veins CS that Brayden posted a little while back, in that what feels like chaos gradually churns itself into a rhythm. This band seems to draw from all types of weird, noise based, political, and artistic punk of the time and spits these elements out into the air like nightmare confetti (god, I love Clickhole so much).

Anyway, I highly recommend you download this and at least listen to it once. It could be like when I first heard Einstürzende Neubauten at age 16 and didn't get it, and came back a year or two later and was blown away. Or you could just think this is garbage. And that means you're probably a dork. Or just not ready. Which is totally acceptable. Either way, the download link is below.

01. Tuf Tuf / Cruelty
02. Ahmed
03. No More Riots
04. Soldier's Grief
05. Herman
06. 1984
07. Hé Soldier
08. NAVO Strategie
09. Brave New World
10. Holland Mijn Gifland
11. He Had To Eat His Dog
12. Fools Talk



  1. thanks! Hadn't heard this band before... total Ex vibe on some of the songs.

    1. No problem! And yea, that's how I felt when I heard it, which makes sense since they were from the same area/scene. I stumbled onto this accidentally while trying to show a friend some Dutch punk (The Ex, BGK, Pandemonium, etc) and put this on and was totally blown away.

  2. thanks! Hadn't heard this band before... total Ex vibe on some of the songs.

  3. Starting to get into Post-Punk and these guys are great, thanks!

    1. Glad I could help! And if you're looking for more weirder post-punk I'd recommend not only the other artists mentioned in this post, but also As Mercenárias, Outer Circle, Swell Maps, Kikeiji (奇形児), Beyond The Implode, and The Contortions.