Saturday, 2 July 2016



Review by Joey (is anyone else even doing this anymore or am I all alone in this cruel world?)

Genre/s: Hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, Art Punk, Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise
For Fans Of: Feederz, SPK, Minimal Man, GRRR

I don't even know where the fuck to start with this LP. It is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things to come out this year. Or really in recent memory, honestly. When I clicked play on LVEUM's bandcamp, I was not prepared at all, and I don't think anything I say in this review can fully prepare any of you. It's not only that it's really that out there, but it's also that fucking good.

Anxiety is a new band out of the UK -- no surprise based on how much truly interesting shit (No Form, Perspex Flesh, Frau, etc) has been coming out of there in recent years -- who feature members of The Lowest Form (another favorite) and others. But I'm not sure that really has any significance in terms of how this sounds. Anxiety sounds like...well...anxiety -- yea yea, I know it's corny. Their unique blend of all those various genres I listed above is an unstoppable force of nervous energy; like a sonic panic attack. Everything about what Anxiety does has a touch of madness; even the more straightforward (relatively speaking) hardcore punk leaning tracks reek of influence from oddball bands like Feederz and Saccharine Trust. Add in the early SPK and Monte Cazazza-style electronics, The Ex and GRRR-style art punk, dark and ominous textures, and confusing progressions...and you still probably can't imagine what this sounds like. The best way I can even semi-accurately describe Anxiety is that they sound like a hardcore punk Minimal Man. And how fucking sick is that?

I listened to this ten times in a row the day I heard it. And I'm still playing it over and over and over. If you don't download this immediately, that's a moral decision you'll have to live with for the rest of your life.

1. Dark And Wet
2. Fool In The Shower
3. The Worst
4. Addicted To Punishment
5. Human Hell
6. Delayed
7. Trapped Shut
8. Sewer In My Mind
9. VMD


EDIT: The parenthetical is a joke referring to how I'm the only one doing reviews on FBN anymore, not a cry of desperation.


  1. Yeah I need this blog, don't quit even in isolation.
    Another download to clog my hard drive drive
    And another good band
    Fucking ideal
    Be Happy

  2. Man, thanks for posting this. Not liked a punk band this much since I first heard Crass. And I bloody love Crass.

  3. thank you so much joey,this and cult nation are my only reliable sources for quality music. And the fact its australian just makes me proud-maybe ask if others are willing to help,this page is brilliant and a great source of inspiration and information,thank you.

  4. much thanks and ditto the sentiments above - this is a source of much happiness in my life!


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  9. I appreciate this for the info about the band, The Worst is really the best. I also appreciate your knowledge of whatever scene they're in and related bands, I never have any clue how genres are connected, much less modern microgenres. Thanks for the different band recs!

  10. Just listened to Human Hell by this band and LOVED it !

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