Tuesday 27 January 2015

Various Artists - ADK Omnibus Vol.1

'ADK Omnibus Vol.1'
Various Artists

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Discharge, SS, Gang Of Four, The Contortions

This compilation is essential for fans of Japanese punk. I can geek out over a lot of this stuff as those of you who saw my megapost of early 80s Japanese punk already know. And why not? Many of these bands put bands like 7 Seconds to shame (then again, it's not that hard to make 7 Seconds look more mediocre than they already are). So, let's actually talk about the bands.

The first band, Sodom, is clearly a direct result of Discharge's "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" which predated this compilation by one year. Don't write them off as being a clone though, their tracks on here are faster, more blown out, and more vicious than Discharge. If you want hyper aggressive, stripped down hardcore punk, you're going to love Sodom.

Next up is Sekinin Tenka. At their core, they're reminiscent of bands like SS and The Stalin; however, they rely on weird, atonal guitar work like something you'd hear from Saccharine Trust. This makes for a sinister sound befitting of one of today's hip young ~mysterio man~ hardcore bands except it predates them by about 25 years.

Okay, so Cain, the third band, is somewhat of an oddity. They play disco influenced post-punk/new wave similar to Gang Of Four but way poppier. Their material feels out of place, but at the same time works well to showcase how fucked up the other bands are.

Lastly is Gaddess, who remind me of New York no wave bands like The Contortions and Teenage Jesus. Their songs are all bizarre and atonal, often feeling as if they are falling apart, but still somehow managing to remain catchy in places. After Cain's pop sensibilities, Gaddess feels even more disturbing than they might have at another place in the compilation.

This is the only rip you'll find with individually split tracks, all of the others are divided by band. I'm not sure what else I should have to say to convince you to check this out, so get downloading.

1. ソドム [Sodom] - ソドミズム
2. ソドム [Sodom] - スペルマ爆弾
3. ソドム [Sodom] - L.S.D
4. ソドム [Sodom] - 自殺 / パブリック
5. ソドム [Sodom] - カンゴフK
6. ソドム [Sodom] - 夜姦菌孤
7. 責任転嫁 [Sekinin Tenka] - Fuck
8. 責任転嫁 [Sekinin Tenka] - 春と修羅
9.責任転嫁 [Sekinin Tenka] - Worm
10.責任転嫁 [Sekinin Tenka] - 慕情
11. カイン [Cain] - さつき病
12. カイン [Cain] - すてきなビート (Beat Generation)
13. ガディス [Gaddess] - Bun-Bun-Bun
14. ガディス [Gaddess] - 新宿 -闇のカーニバル-
15. ガディス [Gaddess] - 薬 -Yaku-
16. ガディス [Gaddess] - あたいの.....
17. ガディス [Gaddess] - ケダモノ
18. ガディス [Gaddess] - キ・チ・ガ・イ


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