Friday, 27 November 2015

Current 93 with Thomas Ligotti - In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land

'In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land'
Current 93 with Thomas Ligotti

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Spoken Word
For Fans Of: Lustmord, Boyd Rice, David Lynch, Edgar Allen Poe, seething bouts of paranoia

Hey there folks, day going well so far? Currently free of any niggling doubts, lurking worries or creeping anxieties? Yeah? Then please, by all means, read on...
What we have here is a collab between Industrial/Neo-Folk artist Current 93 (you should know them by now gosh) and horror writer Thomas Ligotti (famous recently for allegedly being plagiarized by True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto). On In A Foreign Town... Current 93 provides haunting soundscapes and intermittent narration of Ligotti's short story of the same name in easily one of the most sinister recordings I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Dense drones, eerie chimes and other miscellaneous samples and sound effects pulse and seether underneath David Tibet's ethereal narration, delivered of course in Tibet's singsong English accent.
The track's progress in a dreamlike fashion, albeit a slow burning, nightmarish dream that's goes from quietly terrifying to soul crushing abandon throughout its duration. This release belongs firmly in the Stalaggh/Penderecki/Mariah Carey category of sonically/emotionally disturbing.
I've probably talked up this release enough - so it goes without saying that I think you should click that there download button below and see what I'm gabbing about. This is seriously top tier dark ambient, and I'm just itching to ruin your good mood with it.

1. His Shadow Will Rise To A Higher Place
2. The Bells Shall Sound Forever
3. A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing
4. When You Hear The Singing, You Will Know it is Time


and hey you know what, have a PDF of the short story too - be sure to read it while listening to the album in a dreary, candlelit hotel room.

Spooky times ahead friendo


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  2. Thanks so much for this! I'm a giant Thomas Ligotti fan and have been wanting to hear this for quite a while. Much appreciated!

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  4. Hey - i like your style! i bookmarked this website without checking for further posts. This is the only Ligotti C93 collab i own but it's the only one i found online posted in the correct way : pdf + music. Would it be possilbe to read / listen to the other two Ligotti / Tibet collabs?