Friday, 13 November 2015

Sutcliffe Jugend - We Spit On Their Graves (remastered)

We Spit On Their Graves (remastered)
Sutcliffe Jugend

Review by Xander Johnson

Genre/s: Power Electronics, Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Whitehouse, SPK, City Of Worms, NON

Hi everyone I'm Xander and I'm going to write a few reviews for my favorite blog. Sutcliffe Jugend basically borrowed whitehouse's idea of dedicating songs and whole albums to serial killers and took it to a new extreme. Peter Sutcliffe "The Yorkshire Ripper" killed thirteen women and tortured seven. This tape's first twenty songs are 'dedicated' to the ripper's victims, with Kevin Tomkins (sometimes a member of whitehouse) giving Frankie Teardrop worthy screams over oppressive noise oscillations accompanied with sharpened piano keys, screeches and something like a barbed hissing kazoo.You get the impression that each track on this thing could have easily extended into an hour long piece of wall noise by someone less ambitious like 'music for apathetic people' or maybe 'NON'. I recommend you listen to it while looking at the cover art or just not listening to it at all.     

1. Ripper Victims I
2. Ripper Victims II
3. Ripper Victims III
4. Ripper Victims IV
5. Ripper Victims V
6. Ripper Victims VI
7. Ripper Victims VII
8. Ripper Victims VIII
9. Ripper Victims IX
10. Ripper Victims X
11. Ripper Victims XI
12. Ripper Victims XII
13. Ripper Victims XIII
14. Tortures I
15. Tortures II
16. Tortures III
17. Tortures IV
18. Tortures V
19. Tortures VI
20. Tortures VII
21. Necro-Sadism
22. Whores' Endlosung
23.  Menta
24. Human Disregard
25. Sex beast
26. Hammer Death [Ripper Attack]


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