Monday 14 April 2014

MALLEVS - Mallevs


(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Darkwave, Industrial, Experimental, Synth
For Fans Of: Tollund Men, Vatican Shadow, Marshstepper, Christian Cosmos, Mutant Video

Continuing with bands with names in ALL CAPS - I present you - MALLEVS (that's pronounced MALL-E-US by the way), a synth driven industrial/darkwave band from Arizona. Much like the punk and hardcore coming out Arizona lately, the trio make dark, noisy music that eschews the blunt force trauma of the aforementioned genres in favour of a more sleek, sinister vibe. 
Influenced by film soundtracks and DIY electronic tapes of the 80s, MALLEVS incorporates two synthesizers, a drum machine and deadpan vocal delivery (both male and female) to create droning slow burners, oozing with retro charm and unsettling ambience. The band's decidedly lo-fi, distorted quality lends this release a much more gritty, urban aura that to me recalls a version of New York you'd expect to see in a John Carpenter flick or on a sleazy VHS, and it's exactly the sort of thing I want popping into my head whenever I listen to any sort of electronic music. It's minimalistic but in a way that includes layers of grimy synth grating against each other in an impeccably structured manner.
If you're looking for the aural equivalent of Blade Runner, or a slightly psychadelic journey into the realm of industrial and darkwave - look no further. Arizona has done it again.

1. New Life
2. Grave
3. In The Dark
4. No Space
5. Stages
6. Psychic Lines

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