Sunday 6 April 2014

Scapa Flow - Coercion/Control

Scapa Flow

(Band Submission)

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Industrial, Drone, Noise Rock, Experimental
For fans of: Godflesh, Author And Punisher, The Grey Wolves, Child Brides, Pig Heart Transplant

A single and drawn out distorted howl drowns in an act of self infliction with layers of bulky stomps and a twitching screech that crawl under its own skin till eventually it erodes inside out and slowly collapses. That is how the first track 'Regression' kicks off Coercion/Control, an EP by Scapa Flow and from the get go its not going to be a tranquil listen.

Touching on all sides of the dark and industrial noise spectrum, the tracks go from essential industrial with abrasive ballads with ominous melodies floating around, grounded by an iron staked beat while a single soul screams trys to emerge to the top as he slowly descents into a bottomless pit, to more abstract explorations into either the atmospheric and haunting or ofttimes even abusive nightmares. Wherever this takes you, its no doubt a well constructed and intrinsic release. There is always something happening, even in the more quiet and droney sections there is a constant yet manic flow with all the textures and sounds that are employed here seldom laying rest on a single monotonous idea.

The last song 'Cries For Help Replied With Silence', which is a fitting analogy to coincide with the vocals, ends exactly as it starts, brooding and hopeless. If you like your feelings just like your cuppa, black, then let this take, or rather, drag you to a wonderful world of depression and misery. 

Oh yeah by the way there are at least 3 other bands caned Scapa Flow (thanks and none of them seem to have this particular artist. Someone should go fix that. I am too sad to do it.


1. Regression
2. Savages
3. Dead Reflections
4. Isolation
5. Extinction Will be Swift
6. Illusion Of Progress
7. Cries For Help Replied With Silence


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