Tuesday 15 April 2014

Brainbombs - DISCOGRAPHY

1989 - 2013

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Punk
For Fans Of: Rectal Hygienics, Whitehouse, No Balls, Flipper, No Trend

Chances are that if you frequent this blog, you probably know who Brainbombs are - the Swedish band have been around just shy of three decades now, and in that time they've unleashed some of the dirtiest, rawest and most offensive music to ever grace our planet. On all of their recordings, Brainbombs utilise the classic rock band format of guitar, bass, drums and vocals (plus the occasional trumpet) to churn out writhing masses of poorly tuned power chords, feedback, spoken word rants that form sloppily put together tracks that drag themselves across the floor like someone who's just had an axe buried in their back. Usually confined to one riff per song and repeated verses, the band don't flesh out their tracks in the traditional manner, rather they let them get louder, less coherent and more unhinged - until you're just left with this orgiastic chorus of poorly played instruments grinding together in metallic discord.
The main draw for Brainbombs is the lyrical content, and rightly so. Influenced by Whitehouse's extremely transgressive lyrics, and the writings of crime author, and super creep Peter Sotos, the band pretty much break every taboo possible - rape, murder, pedophilia, sodomy, fetishism, sexual deviancy - the list goes on. All of these themes are presented in simplistic, yet vivid passages delivered in vocalist Peter Råberg's heavily accented drawl.
I've always seen Brainmbombs as the embodiment of the punk stereotype - they're loud, offensive, and can't play their instruments - they're pretty much the antithesis of the musical establishment and unlike many other bands out there, you can tell zero effort went into achieving this. Brainbombs pretty much exist to shit on musical norms, piss people off and explore the dark side of the human psyche in the most degrading, atonal way possible.

This includes their six studio albums, one live album and two compilations containing their singles/EPS/7''s etc etc

Burning Hell - 1992
1. Burning Hell
2. Danny Was A Streetwhore
3. Sadist Action
4. Pleasures And Dreams
5. After Acid
6. Wishing A Slow Death
7. Tired And Bloody
8. Do What's Right
9. Urge To Kill
10. X!?+ +...

Genius and Brutality/Taste The Power - 1994
1. Angels Crawling
2. Graveyard Kitchen
3. My Place
4. Right Side Of Hell
5. The Whore
6. Who Can You Trust
7. Fuckmurder
8. Wash In Blood
9. Queen Of Necrophiles

Obey - 1996
1. Kill Them All
2. Die You Fuck
3. Anal Desire
4. Lipstick On My Dick
5. Drive Around
6. To Hurt
7. Obey
8. Fuckmeat

Urge To Kill - 1998 
1. Slayer
2. Slutmaster
3. Salome
4. Ass Fucking Murder
5. Maybe
6. Down In The Gutter
7. Stupid And Weak
8. Driving Through Leeds
9. Filthy Fuck

Fucking Mess - 2008 
1. It's A Fucking Mess
2. Behind A Tree
3. Stinking Cocks
4. Stalker
5. Ooh What A Feeling
6. Skinned Alive
7. Turn To Shit

Disposal Of A Dead Body - 2013
1. Libera Me Domine
2. Don't Go Near The River
3. How To Make An Ordinary Man Sick
4. I.N.R.I.
5. I Am Sorry
6. Fuck You All
7. Nowhere
8. Kill Them All
9. The Leatherboy
10. Agony
11. In My Garden
12. The Saviour
13. Prepared
14. Jealous
15. Into The Darkness
16. The Butcher
17. Jealousy
18. True Master
19. Better Rule In Hell
20. Picking Flowers
21. The Clown
22. Clean Up The Mess
23. I Woke Up This Morning
24. What A Feeling

Live At Smålands Nation, Lund, Sweden, May 29 1993
1. Stormy Blast Of Hell
2. Jack The Ripper Lover
3. Burning Hell
4. Danny Was A Streetwhore
5. Wishing A Slow Death
6. Tired And Bloody
7. Urge To Kill
8. Anne Frank
9. No Guilt
10. Stacy
11. No Place

Singles Compilation 1
1. Jack The Ripper Lover
2. No End
3. Anne Frank
4. No Guilt
5. No Place
6. No Guilt
7. Wishing A Slow Death
8. Stacy
9. It's A Burning Hell
10. Second Coming
11. Psychout Crash Kid
12. I Detta Satans Rum

1. Macht
2. B.L.E.E.D.
3. Stigma Of The Ripper
4. Street Cleaner
5. The Grinder
6. Mommy Said
7. I Need Speed
8. End Up Dead
9. Stinking Memory
10. Insects
11. Stacy
12. Tired And Bloody
13. Danny Was A Streetwhore
14. Urge To Kill
15. Untitled


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