Friday 24 October 2014

Meth Drinker - Discography (So Far)

Meth Drinker
2011 - 2013

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Sludge
For Fans Of: Noothgrush, Eyehategod, Drug Problem, Moloch, Corrupted, Grief

Meth Drinker are a bunch of downtrodden, miserable fucks hailing from Wellington, New Zealand who've been sharing their particular brand of musical nihilism since 2010.
While not at all dissimilar with sludge's other hopeless and bleak stalwarts (see list of above), Meth Drinker's output is much rawer, heavier and confronting than the aforementioned artists. Even Eyehategod, who turned sludge into the primary form of conveying one's agony musically in a post blues world have a bit to learn from these guys. Essentially Meth Drinker have worn their influences on their collective sleeves and taken them to a much darker, primal place.
Communicated through pounding doom riffs strung together by fuzzed out bass and throaty screamed vocals, Meth Drinker's music is a tour through the syringe ridden gutters of a world consumed by drugs, violence and mental illness. There's no reprieve, just crushing heaviness and bitter negativity.
Here you'll find all of Meth Drinker's current releases - an EP, two splits and their full length. I should also note that they've got a brand spankin' new LP due out next month, which I may or may not post here (hush hush). For now content yourself with these releases and prepare to enter a severely malnourished world of strung out, drug fucked sludge bliss.


Meth Drinker LP
1. Deprivation
2. Incurable Illness
3. Ganja Mutt
4. Combat Shock
5. Skull Smashing Concrete
6. The Shining (main title)
7. Serrated Corridor
8. Narco Sub
9. Broken Down and Used Up

Split With Open Tomb
1. Open Tomb - Off with His Hands
2. Open Tomb - Hostile Womb
3. Meth Drinker - Dehumanize
4. Meth Drinker - Beyond the Grate
5. Meth Drinker - 731

Split With Moloch
1. Meth Drinker - Spleen Splitting Pavement
2. Meth Drinker - 731 (Reprise)
3. Meth Drinker - Test Subject
4. Meth Drinker - 2 Minutes Hate
5. Moloch - Vomit Phobia
6. Moloch - Hunchback

Meth Drinker EP
1. Desperation
2. Loss


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