Thursday 23 April 2015

Dilate - Dilate Demo 2014

"Dilate Demo 2014"

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: D-beat, Crust, Hardcore, Raw Punk

For fans of: Gauze, Unlearn, Mauser, Bible Thumper, Razorheads, D-Clone

I have a complicated relationship with crust punk. I find myself being less forgiving than other genres when it comes to how homogeneous it can be. Some bands are brilliant but some bands heard Discharge or Tragedy once and decided that they can do the same too with very poorly thought out execution. Its not a mutually exclusive thing to the genre of course but it tends to irk me. Ignorance aside I often lean towards crust punk bands that sound really raw and menacing. There are plenty of bands like that but I think now I finally found what I've been wanting to hear.

New Jersey's Dilate play a ridiculously vicious mix of noisy crust punk and raw hardcore with lots and lots of loud, raw and fast everywhere all at once. There is a big classic japanese hardcore vibe all over this demo too which doesn't seem apparent until after a few listens that Dilate has very cleverly taken the best parts of raw hardcore and d-beat, chucked it in a metal bin and then smashed it all to a ungodly mess. All over in just under five minutes there is little to fault here. Demonic vocals, buzzsaw guitars that can slice a forest down like butter, solos that play so fast they leave as soon as they arrive, plummeting drums and a genuine malice that bleeds through the speakers at an immense wall of volume and lo-fidelity wonderment. Its the kind of devastation found in extreme music that Dilate's contemporaries can only dream of.

The tape is sold out but a flexi record of the demo is available from the Televised Suicide distro if you think its worthy of your hard earned couch change.

1. Unyeilding Wrath
2. Trenches
3. Ancient Master
4. Human Cost


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