Wednesday 29 April 2015

Raw Nerve - Discography

Raw Nerve
2009 - 2012

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore
For Fans Of: *insert mysterious-guy-hardcore band here*

If you haven't heard of this band somehow, then I'm going to assume you've been buried underneath a sizable pile of rubble and have somehow carved out a basic - yet serviceable existence for yourself in your subterranean prison. Good for you.
Otherwise your probably here because you know of this band and want to snag their discography, but for those just resurfacing from their underground domiciles let me recap for you.
Raw Nerve were a hardcore band from Chicago/Northwest Indiana who were part of that whole 'mysterious guy hardcore' thing that was big in the mid to late 2000s. Basically they played super noisy, unhinged hardcore with a big emphasis on a dark, esoteric atmosphere and all round caustic vibes. While not quuuuite as noisy or intense as their Floridian counterparts Cult Ritual, they still packed a mighty wallop with their hardcore ragers - all of just drip with feedback soaked anger and angst. The lyrics, and delivery for that matter are scathing and rabid and feel just right paired with the cacophony unfurling behind them.
These guys are an absolutely essential 2000s hardcore band - and if you've avoided listening to them up until now here's your chance. All of Raw Nerve's releases are waiting for your greasy little fingers to click those download links and consume the mp3s contained within. To those already initiated, you know what you're getting yourself into - please enjoy.


Self Titled Demo (2009)
1. Born Under A Bad Sign
2. Stay Staid
3. Origin Of Species
4. Fingers Crossed
5. Binge And Purge
6. Crosses
7. Cock Of The Walk
8. Gun/Mouth
9. Downer (Nirvana)
10. Raw Nerve

Teens In Heat Demo (2009)
1. Stay Staid
2. You Live
3. Teens In Heat
4. I Am A Cliche (X-Ray Spex)

Self Titled LP (2010)
1. Secondhand
2. Origin Of Species
3. Gas Can
4. Cock Of The Walk
5. Lawns
6. Beech Grove
7. Weeds
8. You Live
9. Skinned
10. Born Under A Bad Sign
11. Cold One
12. Crosses
13. Hemlock
14. Children

Live At The Legion Of Doom Columbus Ohio 10/02/2009 ‎(2010)
1. Live at the Legion Of Doom

Nervous Habits (2011)
1. Nervous Habits
2. New Neighbors
3. Strychnine (The Sonics)

Midnight (2011)
1. Dating Problems
2. Ill Of The Dead
3. Nervous Habits
4. Late Again
5. Cave
6. Honest Answer
7. Rest
8. Relaxation

Every Problem Solved (2012)
1. Wired Nation
2. Daily Reminder
3. Big Changes
4. New Neighbors

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