Monday, 9 November 2015

The Homopolice - Discography

DISCOGRAPHY (aka I can't wait for the spambots to find this post)
The Homopolice
2008 - 2010

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Rusted Shut, Puffy Areolas, Brainbombs, (old)The Men

I vaguely recall someone requesting a Homopolice post in the comments somewhere, so in typical delayed fashion - here it is!
(If you've made it this far without becoming entranced by the artwork, good job)
Homopolice were a four piece band from Houston, Texas who played  pummeling Stooges-esque noise rock. Combined with what some may say is ''''''offensive''''' lyrical content and highly rhythmic, repetitive nature of their songs, The Homopolice are almost like a slightly less morally questionable Brainbombs, but with more harsh noise and hardcore influences seeping in (note the GISM cover). This is dirgey, nihilistic filth at it's best folks - leather clad walls of distortion and riffs lurching around and collapsing in on itself every couple of minutes or so.
Contained below are the three Homopolice releases I could track down - a demo (which contains the excellent 15 minute long 'I Hate Everybody'), a 7" and their split with fellow sweaty man enthusiasts Black Leather Jesus.  Smash that fucking download button and go huff some amyl.

Fuck Entertainment Demo (2008)
1. Sex Drugs Death
2. I Hate Everybody
3. Assfucker
4. Gism Lover

Ass Fucker 7" (2009)
1. Ass Fucker

Split w. Black Leather Jesus (2010)
1. Fisting
2. Endless Blockades (GISM cover)
3. Assfucker II