Saturday 5 October 2013

Noisear - Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

'Subvert The Dominant Paradigm'

Genre/s: Grindcore
For Fans Of: Discordance Axis, Cellgraft, Brutal Truth, Gridlink

There are grind records that floor you - and then there are grind records that take a sledgehammer to your cranium and don't let up until all that reminds of your puny little head is a puddle of blood and brain matter on the floor - 'Subvert The Dominant Paradigm' being one of the latter. Taking cues from the technical brilliance of Discordance Axis, injecting some experimentation a la modern Brutal Truth and ramping up the speed and ferocity by about 120%, Noisear steam roll through this album's 46 minute long run time. The shrieks, growls, blasts and pinch harmonics that make up this monstrosity are made even more impressive by the fact that the band had literally 48 hours to write and record it. Granted that technically only twenty-five minutes of this album are actual songs, but that's probably the best part - they finish the album with a lengthy harsh noise track. As if twenty nine songs weren't enough brutal enough! It's a perfect way to end a suitably punishing release.

1. Breaking Bad at the Mulberry
2. Waiting to Be Born
3. Gestapolis
4. Inevitable Extinction
5. Global Warning
6. Fraudulent
7. Information Highway to Hell
8. Stress Pandemic
9. Inoperative
10. Deformed by Society
11. The Rail
12. The Alternative Is...
13. Blackout
14. Slave
15. Ace Is the King
16. The Last Spark of Resistance
17. Life Consumed You
18. Ignorance Is Bliss
19. Minefield
20. Fighting Addiction
21. Borealis Storm
22. Poisonous Cure
23. Four Walls
24. The Perpetual Downfall Of Man
25. Translucent
26. Almas Por El Infierno
27. Silent Guilt of the Reaper
28. Contaminants of the Earth
29. The Blackened Sea
30. Noisearuption


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