Tuesday 8 October 2013

Slug Guts - Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat

'Playin' In Time With The Dead Beat'
Slug Guts

Genre/s: Post-punk, Noise rock
For Fans Of: King Snake Roost, The Birthday Party, Iceage, Bird Blobs

Slug Guts are a post punk outfit from Brisbane, Australia, who have been cranking out some dark, gritty tunes since 2009.  While they have a sound that definitely recalls some of the more dissonant, post punk of the 1980s, the deranged vocals (somewhere between Nick cave, Captain Beefheart and David Yow), the saxophone and innovative guitar keep things fresh and interesting. It's a messy brew of oddball sounds, held together by solid bass lines and some pretty catchy riffs - and it all comes together to from an album that has a distinctly 'Australian' sound.

1. Scum
2. Old Black Sweats
3. Suckin' Down
4. Moving Heat
5. Order Of Death
6. Adult Living
7. Black Sports
8. Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat
9.  Glory Holes
10. Strangling You Too
11. Blonde Hairs
12. Do You Wanna Hang Right There?


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  1. could you upload this one again plz? Just got to know the album and it's really good!