Saturday 5 October 2013

Scholastic Deth - Final Examiner

'Final Examiner' (Discography)
Scholastic Deth
2001 - 2002

Genre/s: Thrashcore, Fastcore
For Fans Of: Laarm, R.A.M.B.O, Infest, Charles Bronson

Scholastic Deth were a short-lived, but nonetheless influential thrashcore outfit on the famous 625 Thrashcore label. The band put out some awesome tunes in their one year lifespan, a delicatessen of short bursts of feedback, blastbeats and whirlwind fast hardcore riffs. Backed up by some pretty humorous lyrics ranging from political to morose, bratty and aggressive vocals - this is one discography your collection needs,

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Posted On Ebay 
2. Killed By School 
3. WWHD? 
4. UC = Unhindered Capitalism 
5. Spring Fever 
6. Said Said 
7. Literaly Illiterate 
8. Kill The Message Board 
9. Bookstore Bore 
10. Cheetos 
11. Mentally Fumigated 
12. Coffee Cures Everything 
13. Time To Rock 
14. We Think Metal Music Is Awesome But... 
15. Pugnatious Bibliorific Erudism 
16. Drop The Bomb 
17. Book Attack 
18. One Day At A Time 
19. Kill 'Em With Politics 
20. Sham(e) 
21. Old People Are Dumb 
22. Revenge Of The Nerds 
23. Nows The Time 
24. On The Road Of Life... 
25. Bring It Back... 
26. Fuck It, I Quit 
27. Scene Of The Spectacle 
28. PMA 
29. Rock Together 
30. Bookstore Core 
31. Options 
32. Xtreme Equals Mainstream 
33. Shackle Me Not! 
34. Warcore I: Politics Of Total War 
35. Warcore II: War By Timetable
36. Tomorrow 
37. Simplified But Amplified Recommended Reading (Unreleased)
38. Shit Peddlers Aka Wiltpolitik 
39. Trust Fund Aka No Bike Messengers In Russia
40. School's Out 
41. PMA 
42. Literaly Illiterate 
43. Drop The Bomb 
44. Revenge Of The Nerds 
45. Options 
46. Bookstore Core 
47. Killed By School 
48. Nows The Time 
49. WWHD? 
50. Xtreme Equals Mainstream



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