Sunday 6 October 2013

Swing Kids - Discography

Swing Kids
1994 - 1995

Genre/s: Hardcore, Post Hardcore
For Fans Of: Retox, Refused, Some Girls Head Wound City

Swing Kids were an excellent mid 90s hardcore band that left quite an impact - though they also left behind a criminally short discography. One of Justin Pearson's many, many, many bands, Swing Kids played angular, dissonant hardcore with intelligent and irregular song structures. This is a collection of amazing tunes that capture the melting pot of genres that was San Diego's punk scene in the 90s. This discography is 9 songs (including a Joy Division cover), and while it's a very short listen, it's quality stuff. I should also point out that the band put out a self titled EP in 2009 with an updated version of 'Situations On Mars' and a brand new track.

1. El Camino Car Crash
2. Line #1
3. Blue Note
4. Clean Shade Of Dirty
5. Warsaw (Joy Division cover)
6. Disease
7. Situations On Mars
8. Forty Three Seconds
9. Intro To Photography


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