Sunday 4 May 2014

Deep Creeps - Crown Gall

'Crown Gall'
Deep Creeps

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Sludge, Hardcore, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Neanderthal, Flipper, Eyehategod, Festival Of Dead Deer

 GARLIC AFICIONADOS AND FARMERS REJOICE! For now there is a band that may appeal to your very specific niche.
Deep Creeps are a self described 'noise creep punk' with a garlic farmer for a drummer (according to the email I got from them anyway). They've even named this release after a disease that affects crops, such is their devotion to their craft. Professions and food preferences aside, Deep Creeps certainly do live up to their self coined moniker, delivering a multi-pronged punk attack that is exceedingly hard to categorize and definitely one of the most unique and gripping releases of the genre I've had the pleasure of listening to this year.
If I was to try and pigeonhole Deep Creep's sound, I'd place it somewhere between strung out, heroin soaked sludge, weirdo hardcore a la Neanderthal or Rorschach and angular noise rock, but you know what, that doesn't really do these guys justice. There's snippets of death metal, doom and straight up punk thrown into the thirteen tracks here, and golly gee does it work. For a three piece they know how to get the most out their instruments and keep their music from getting droll.
Honestly, I was pretty stumped as to how to review these guys - but I gave it a shot. Your best course of action now would be to download it, listen to it for yourself and puzzle over the multitude of styles and genres at play here and marvel at how friggin' good this is. Your call.

1. W.A.S.P
2. Neamatoad
3. Garlic Punx
4. Crown Gall
5. Animal Husbandry
6. Skull Stab
7. Moated Grave
8. Lava Tunnel
9. Fossil Colony
10. Turd World
11. Skeletonized
12. Masonic Bees
13. Dungeon Cologne


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