Friday 9 May 2014

Sex Scheme - Sex Scheme

Sex Scheme
"Sex Scheme"

(Band Submission)

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Proto Punk
For Fans Of: Big Black, The Stooges, Half Japanese, Suicide

Gawddayumint this is some uncomfortable and antagonistic listening, which even at first impressions seems intentional because there is zero solace or closure to be found here and that's the way this artist likes it. Sex Scheme starts off simple enough and it deceives you into thinking that its all simple bass lines and beats plodding along but then when the guitar comes in and starts running its own show and the vocals follow shortly after it turns into this aggravated fury of masochistic electronic noise rock that slowly and surely abuses you to no end, literally no end because the songs end as abruptly as they come. While I suspect the narratives, if there are any, would be suitably offensive, its hard to tell because of the menacing vocals which are quite a highlight here. Its the sort of intense swooning that would make Stooges era Iggy Pop proud, actually Sex Scheme is probably what you get if you have Iggy Pop front Big Black and the obnoxious knob over-cranked and it works like a charm.

1. Dog Slut
2. Feel Me
3. Eat It
4. Mexico City


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