Sunday 4 May 2014

Going Nowhere - Psycho Dad

'Psycho Dad'
Going Nowhere

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre: Punk, Hardcore, Surf Punk
For Fans Of: Night Birds, Cuntz, Dwarves, Oily Boys, Helta Skelta

More weird-ass punk for your soul, this time from New Jersey band, Going Nowhere. The three piece throw three of life's greatest pleasure's - surf rock, punk and sitcoms - into one big package that's caustic and ugly, but oh-so-good.
Sure, the whole hardcore with surf rock thing has been done before, but Going Nowhere (GONO from here on in) play it so much more meaner and noisier than all those other bands, adding just that extra bit of malice and weirdness to their demented take on hardcore, with a sense of humour to boot (in case you hadn't notice this EP's something of a tribute to TV dad extraordinaire, Al Bundy). Vocally, GONO go for a crusty, throaty roar with venomous, spitfire delivery which along with the surf-y rhythms  makes for a pretty interesting dynamic.
If you're feeling a particular fed up with whatever suburban hell hole you've found yourself living in, or you just feel like grabbing a beer, sitting on the couch and stuffing your hand down the front of your pants, than I reckon you should probably give this a shot.

PS: Elias, the singer of GONO runs a rad zine. Afraid Of The Basement is dedicated to all things dark, spooky and scurry - film, music, short stories and all. Go check it out HERE

1. Psycho Dad - Intro
2. Don't Try
3. His Hero is Bong
4. Don't Deserve a Living
5. Fatty
6. A Game Called Life
7. Martyr
8. No Land
9. My Crutch
10. Hypocrite Punk
11. Pig
12. Sick of Being Phony
13. Stay in Your Cage
14. Something to Live For
15. You Taught Me
16. Guilt Free


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