Friday 9 May 2014

Lamplighter - Lycanthropy


(Band Submission)

Review by Berneau

Genre/s: Hardcore, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Dropdead, Triac, Full of Hell, Swine Lord, Bacchus

You like hardcore? Sure you do buddy, but once you've gotten your dose, you just can’t get enough of that breakdown, eh bro? Yeah, I’m guilty of liking modern hardcore and who doesn't? Sure it’s super fun and you can really lose yourself in a pit. This being said, when last have you been absolutely obliterated by a hardcore band, that you just don’t know where to turn, what to do or even what to think? Take a few minutes to think about it.
Yeah, I figured as much. Long gone are the days of Dropdead style hardcore and bands like Siege or Infest who just fucked shit up from start to finish. Not if a few lads from Anchorage, Alaska have anything to say about it. Enter Lamplighter, the 4-piece cluster bomb that rips everything to absolute shit. It’s fast and it definitely will leave your senses completely shot. It has that slower, almost sludgy type of riffs among the chaos that is all out war on music.
It’s absolutely fucking filthy and it puts a smile on the face of anyone who’s into the above mentioned bands, but with a little twist. The rooted hardcore elements at the very core of their Lycanthropy EP is enough to put one into a transient state of nostalgia before it blast-fucks you into pink mist.
There are definite elements of grindcore and even just full-on noisecore throughout Lycanthropy struck me with awe as I just sat back and just indulged in the complete clusterfuck of anti-sound that was being blasted at me through my speakers. One of those bands that put the hard back into hardcore and just pulverizes from start to finish. The additional influences insure that it at no point becomes one-dimensional. This might be one of my favourite releases so far this year and it will be difficult to beat.

1. Solstice
2. Hung From The Ash Tree
3. Slivers
4. Of Silver
5. Arcadian Waters
6. Lycanthropy
7. Neuri


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