Wednesday 26 November 2014

Fuck The Facts - Abandoned

Fuck The Facts

(Band Submission)

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Grindcore
For Fans Of: Maruta, Mumakil, Blockheads, Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Cloud Rat

Fuck The Facts really need no introduction - the French Canadian band has been playing their self coined brand of 'bastardized grindcore' for just over fifteen years now, and have a rather prolific catalog of releases under their collective belt.
Abandoned is the latest three track EP from the four piece, and again showcases their ability to write songs that are both ridiculously heavy and intense, while jamming neat little melodic sections in any available section. Seriously, in the first song alone there's hints of melodic death metal, neocrust, hardcore and grindcore that transition perfectly into each other. The impressive musicianship is matched by the dynamic, dual vocal combination of Mel Mongeon and Marc Bourgon who provide high shrieks and throaty lows respectively. On Abandoned, Fuck The Facts really do come off as a band with an endless source of interesting new ideas, and the constant twists and turns the three songs here take reaffirm this.
Abandon is available to stream and download of their bandcamp for a measly $1 CAD, but they've also most graciously included a free download link for the blog. I highly recommend you check this out and swing by their bandcamp later where you'll find all of their releases available to stream and purchase.

1. Endless Emptiness
2. Disabused
3. L'impasse


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