Friday 14 November 2014

Incapacitants - Ministry Of Foolishness

'Ministry Of Foolishness'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: MSBR, Macronympha, Bizarre Uproar, Merzbow, Pain Jerk

 Incapacitants are one of my favourite Japanoise acts for several reasons.
a) They look like this
b) They have respectable day jobs as bankers and public servants
c) Their live shows are UTTERLY INSANE
d) and this release here
The formidable duo of Toshiji Mikawa (ex Hijokaidan) and Fumio Kosakai (Hijokaidan and C.C.C.C) present 75 minutes of the most dense, apocalyptic walls of noise ever to be captured and contained within a recording. Each track on Ministry Of Foolishness extends past the twenty minute mark, into some transcendental realm of noise zen where the constant, unrelenting swash of sounds all but melts your brain. There's not one moment on this where the duo lets up at all, only the maelstrom of static, feedback and distorted yelps and screams that comprise the three tracks here.
Yes, you do have to be in a pretty fucking masochistic state of mind to subject yourself to the full running time of Ministry Of Foolishness, but once you muscle past that you'll be rewarded with a classic noise release that gets better and better with each subsequent listen.

1. Stone River
2. Sky Valley
3. Village Wood


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