Wednesday 12 June 2013

Cape Of Bats - Transylvania/Olcott Rites

'Transylvania/Olcott Rites'
Cape Of Bats

Genre: Blackened Punk, Black Metal, Raw Black Metal
For Fans Of: Old school Mayhem/Darkthrone, Bone Awl, Raspberry Bulbs

It's no secret that black metal and punk are not-so distant cousins (Deathcrush by Mayhem, anybody?) and with black metal enjoying something of a renaissance in the US, Many bands have started embracing the punkier side of the 'kvlt arts'. Cape of Bats are one such band. While the vocals and
aesthetics are firmly rooted in black metal, the instrumentation and music owe more to hardcore and punk. Here are two of Cape of Bats' releases, a 7 inch and a tape, teeming with ghastly, ghoul-y blackened punk. These guys will be releasing some new stuff very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out.

1. To Transylvania
2. Seas of Screams
3. Night of the Vampyre
4. Castle After Dark

Olcott Rites:
2. Spidernest
3. Death Kami
4. Lamb's Lament


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