Monday 3 June 2013

Consent - Conception


Genre: Powerviolence, Power Electronics
For Fans Of: Column of Heaven, Full of Hell, Whitehouse, Psychic Limb

So as we all know, 'power' genres have become pretty trendy popular as of late, and while ultimately it's a massive hit or miss situation, a few bands have come out and haven't totally sucked - Consent being one. Featuring members of that trendy popular drone/doom band, Bongripper, Consent play a modern strain of powerviolence with a healthy dose of experimental electronics and noise. So while they don't anything to original in terms of song structures (stop/start, slow than fast etc etc) they make up for it with their seamless combination of hardcore and noise. If you liked the Endless Blockade (or Column of Heaven) or just copious amounts of feedback, this is a  release you'd probably dig.


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