Wednesday 5 June 2013

Nihilist Commando - Demos

Nihilist Commando
2002 - 2006

Genre: Noisegrind
For Fans Of: Fear of God, Death Toll 80K, Insect Warfare, Anal Cunt

Noisegrind is a funny genre - the drum count ins are longer than the actual songs, musical talent is totally irrelevant and it's self parody about 85% of the time.
Nihilist Commando are purveyors of the aforementioned genre from Finland and are comprised of a vocalist, a drummer and two dudes swinging axes around.Yes, axes (rigged up with noise gear, of course). There's probably about a million songs in here, the lyrics are indistinguishable and it'll hurt your brain and/or ears - how fucking grind is that?!


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