Tuesday 25 June 2013

Bacchus - Self Titled


Genre: Neocrust, sludge, doom, hardcore
For fans of: His Hero is Gone, Kylesa, Ekkaia, Neurosis

Four piece sludge/doom/crust band Bacchus hail from Ireland and unleash some mighty, epic and crushingly heavy music. Bacchus combine intelligent and original song structures with the energy of hardcore and the brawn of sludge and it works incredibly well. While they almost sound like they could be another new-wave sludge band from Georgia, these guys have a distinct, darker edge - more nihilism, more aggression and more abrasive sound overall.

1. Devoted to shit 04:21
2. Parasite 03:40
3. Hopeless daggers 04:38
4. Mutation 06:39
5. Itchy blood 03:48
6. Expand / Submerge 05:00
7. The Living Dead 02:41
8. Knives


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