Saturday 22 March 2014

How To Dress For Burial - Mixtape

How To Dress For Burial

Review by Rush Falknor

Genre/s: Lo-fi R&B, Ambient
For Fans Of: Slow gloomy love songs

 What seems to be just a "for fun" side project of Planning For Burial, How To Dress For Burial released it's first (hopefully with more to come) mixtape. Five songs of ambient, yet powerful, slowed down R&B. The entrancing synth lines drag on endlessly (in the best sort of way) like a drunken lonely night after a break up, and are accompanied by repetitive and simple drum machine beats like a slowly pounding heart beat, adding an intense emotion to the songs. The honest and straight-forward lyrics about past romances echoing out from the background are definitely something to lose yourself in while high in your bedroom crying about your ex. 

1. Untitled No.1 
2. Untitled No. 2
3. Untitled No. 3
4. Untitled No. 4
5. Untitled No. 5


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