Saturday 15 March 2014

Iabhorher - Crowskin/Splint


Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Grindcore, Death Metal
For Fans Of: Apartment 213, Assuck, Impetigo, Human Remains, Coffins

That's the noise I make when a really fucking great band has a tiny discography. And when I say tiny, I mean that this 7" here is the only DAMN THING they put out. Thankfully Dave Witte who drummed for Iabhorher went on to be heaps of other awesome bands (Discordance Axis, Black Leather Army Jacket, Municipal Waste etc etc) and bassist Javier Villegas went on to be in Kylesa and Born Against (amongst others) so it's not all bad I guess. ANYWAY Iabhorher's only threetracks are doom-y, deathgrind bliss. Downtuned guitars, super guttural vocals and slamming guitar riffs. I'd wager that this was probably the heaviest thing Slap A Ham ever put out, and even though it's twenty years old, it certainly holds up today. Download it, give it a listen and get angry about their tiny discography too.

1. Crowskin
2. Splint
3. Processed Bliss



  1. Black Leather Army Jacket sounds dumb

  2. Have you figured out yet he spelled it wrong? Black Army Jacket! My favorite being the split with Noothgrush as part of the Monkeybite Fanzine. It's the same band on every 90s power violence compilation.