Sunday 2 March 2014

Looks Good - Demo

Looks Good

(Band Submission)

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Grindcore

For Fans Of: Witch Cult,
Magrudergrind, Total Abuse, Cheap Art, Dropdead

First off I’m just going to get this done and out of the way even if there is no nice way to say this. Charles Manson samples have been done to death. This applies to all musical projects, even Death Grips. There aren’t enough Space Ghost Coast To Coast samples though. More of those please. Anyway, lets not detract that from the actual music, because it is nothing short of excellent fuzzed out and manic hardcore/powerviolence. Looks Good have pretty much ticked all the right boxes here and I can’t choose what I love the most. The twin vocals attacks like madmen in a knife fight with sawtooth riffs and hammering beats. I think what I love most about this is that they tend to divert to different passages besides just sticking to the fast/slow/fast dynamic that a lot of bands, even great ones, fall prey to. Looks Good thinks outside the box song structure wise without being too out there to be considered experimental.  In short, Looks Good are looking good – comedic genius I know. 


1. 9-5

2. Customer Worship
3. Looks Good
4. Bed Of Nails
5. Prison Knife
6. Rock Yo Body
7. Ignorant/Wiser
8. Herd The Good Word
9. Get Awasted

10. Deal Breaker
11. Omitted


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  1. Thanks for the post man! I really appreciate the review and think you nailed it real well. In hindsight the Manson sample wasn't the best, but we have more from the Adult Swim vault to tickle your fancy on the next recordings.