Sunday 2 March 2014

Open Graves – All I’ve Learned Is Death And Anxiety

"All I’ve Learned Is Death And Anxiety"
Open Graves

(Band Submission)

Review By Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Hardcore, Crust, Death Punk

For Fans Of: Rise And Fall, Homewrecker, Cursed, Converge, Zao

Open Graves are a self proclaimed “death punk” band that hails from Fairmont, West Virginia, but Turbonegro they are not, rather they play messy and sludgey crust influenced hardcore that would make any A389/Deathwish buff happy. While this style of hardcore isn’t as groundbreaking as it used to be now that every jaded punk and his dog are starting these kinds of bands, I’m happy to say that Open Graves are very worthy to sit in your music player. All I’ve Learned…. is a relentless onslaught of dirty riffs and hyperactive drums pounding on while angsty men sing songs that is catered to punch a few bricks into rubble. There is probably not a single moment where it lets it guard down even amongst the quieter parts, well, only exception being the end of Blood Falls. My main gripe with these sorts of bands however (and lets face it most of the many varied styles of hardcore punk music) is that there aren’t many standout tracks and while this release does suffer a bit from that it is still collectively a solid slab of extreme hardcore.

1. Discomfort

2. Constant
3. Black Medicine
4. Abuse
5. The Living End
6. Blood Falls
7. Gypsy Eyes


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