Sunday, 31 August 2014

No Balls - Come Clean

'Come Clean'
No Balls

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Brainbombs, Billy Bao, Pissed Jeans, Twin Stumps, Skullflower

I'll get the formalities out of the way first - No Balls features two members of BRAINBOMBS, and is very much a similar band in terms of churning out absolutely nihilistic noisy garage rock. Where they differ is how apocalyptically loud these two scuzzballs crank out their music. Furthermore, their sparsely worded and barely audible lyrics manages to sound just as trangressive and dirty as any Brainbombs song does.
Each of the 11 tracks on Come Clean tends to stick to a single riff, and as the song progresses more and more layers, in the form of effects, feedback or trumpet are added on top until the thing collapses on itself in grand, orgiastic fashion. It's raw and blown out, but boy does it feel dense, almost like ten tonnes of Stooges riffs being dropped on your head at the same time as being crushed by a skyscraper high stack of amps.
I cannot stress how little the songs on this album care about you or your wellbeing, as their sole purpose seems to be running themselves into ground in the noisiest, most chaotic fashion possible.
If Brainbombs used their lyrics to goad you into an enraged state, No Balls use their instruments.

1. Come Clean
2. Suffering Contest
3. Guilt Blocker
4. Subsequent Needs
5. Greasy Hair And Greasy Mind
6. Lazy
7. Forgetting To Suppress It
8. Another Fucking Hammer
9. A Dull Moment
10. Barely Breathing

11. 1000 Needles


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