Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sonic Kool-Aid Crash Test - Accident 1

'Accident 1'
Sonic Kool-Aid Crash Test

Genre/s: Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Flipper, Big Black, Pissed Jeans,

Sonic Kool-Aid Crash Test are basically the musical equivalent of delirium.
 Yes - It could very well be the fact this head cold is making my brain feel like it's submerged in two litres of mucus, but SKACT truly do create some of the most dissolute, emotionally sparse music this side of a certain bass heavy, 70s punk band that played really slow.
Featuring two members (from the likes of 1/4 Dead and Going Nowhere - two bands I reviewed on here previously), SKACT utilise the bare essentials (bass, guitar, drum machine), drown it in delay/reverb and self-induced misery to create 6 strung-out, drugged-up dirges.
Accident 1's 6 tracks build off sludgy, repetitive bass riffs that intertwine with the (surprisingly clean toned) guitar. While the guitar does follow the bass in parts, it's mostly concerned with wandering away from the path and leaving a tangled mass of angular, sloppy 'solos' in its wake - imagine a much more depressed and inebrieated Greg Ginn and you'll have a rough idea of what I'm talking about. All this takes place with pained moaning, yelling and mumbling over the top - slowly narrating your journey into 12 Step Hell.
 Don't let that offensively bright album cover fool you, this is as bleak and un-colorful as it comes. If you're into downer music at all (and if you're on this blog, you probably are), drag that cursor down to the bandcamp link, stick that needle in your arm and press play.

1. Escapist
2. Hide Not Find
3. I Act, I Fail
4. Dead Eyes
5. I Never Asked
6. I'm Not Gonna Try


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  1. Menacingly desolate, beautiful album.