Sunday, 31 August 2014

Umor - Held Us Silent For A Moment

'Held Us Silent For A Moment'

(Band Submission)

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Doom Metal, Post Metal
For Fans Of: Earth, Harvey Milk, Joy Division, Isis, Melvins, Suffocate For Fucks Sake

I tried to contain my excitement, but alas it has escaped me, no thanks to the subject of this post - Croatian band, Umor.
...Don't get me wrong, I get great band submissions all the time here, but every once and a while you get albums like Held Us Silent For A Moment that come along and not only exceed your expectations - but beat them to a bloody pulp, feed them into a mulcher and spray their fine, visceral remains all over the place. Thank you Umor.
Held Us Silent... contains most of the ingredients found in many other doom/post metal band formulas - the giant brooding riffs, a dash of melody and nice, clean production  - what sets Umor apartis their flawless vocal delivery. I can draw comparison to both Ian Curtis, AND Glenn Danzig, but this guy really makes it his own, rising and falling with the gigantic, doom-y cascades that serve as the backing to Umor's mournful, atmospheric music. Doom and Post Metal are both genres ridden with hackneyed impostors and boring musicians but Umor put a unique spin on their dirges, and an impressively unique take on the quiet/loud dynamic.
While I'm still picking my jaw out of my lap, maybe you should check Umor out - I'd wager that there's something here for any fan of slow, heavy music - drone, doom, sludge or post metal, and you know what, I reckon the post punk fans could get on this too. Held Us Silent..., as well as a few other releases are available for download - FOR FREE - on their bandcamp, all the more reason to check it out.

1. Stowaway
2. Opportunity To Be Heard
3. Sandstone
4. He Spun A Dozen Times
5. Cotton Rose
6. Vinous Red


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