Saturday 28 February 2015

D.N.A - Discography

1978 - 1982

Reviewed by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: No Wave, Experimental Rock, Post Punk
For Fans Of: The Contortionists, Mars, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, Theoretical Girls

D.N.A were a three piece experimental rock band from New York, who were active between 1978 and 1982. Easily my favourite 'No Wave' band, D.N.A's atonal skronk is a jarring, unsettling aural document of alienation and apathy.
Beginning first as a keybaord/guitar/combo with Arto Lindsay's trademark guitar shrieks and shrill vocals accompanying sparse synth lines and lumbering drums, D.N.A attracted the attention of Brian Eno with their first single, eventually being chosen to appear on the now coveted No New York compilation. Shortly after, keyboardist Robin Crutchfield left the band and was replaced with bassist Tim Wright, which lead to noticeable shift in the band's music. The synth of previous releases was replaced with tight, rhythmic bass lines serving as an odd juxtaposition to the angular guitar noise and irregular drumming. The band released their one and only LP in 1980, continuing their tendency towards noisy, experimental music before calling it quits in 1982. Since then there have been a few posthumous releases including a live recording from on of their many CBGB shows.
Included here are all of D.N.A's releases (including compilation appearances) for your listening pleasure.

(Note: D.N.A tracks only from compilation releases)

You And You (1978)
1. Little Ants
2. You And You

No New York (1978)
1. Egomaniacs Kiss
2. Lionel
3. Not Moving
4. Size

A Taste Of D.N.A (1981)
1. New Fast
2. 5:30
3. Blonde Red Head
4. 32121
5. New New
6. Lying On The Sofa Of Life

The Fruit Of Original Sin Compilation (Recorded 1981, Released 1985)
1. Cop Buys A Dount
2. Delivering The Goods
3. Taking Kid To School

DNA (Last Live At CBGB's) (Recorded 1982, Released 1995)
1. Newest Fastest
2. 5:30
3. Detach
4. New New
5. 32123
6. Brand New
7. Horse
8. Forgery
9. New Fast
10. Blonde Red Head
11. Action
12. Marshall
13. Lying On The Sofa Of Life
14. New Low
15. Calling To Phone



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