Wednesday 11 February 2015

Fear Of God - (MAIN) Discography

Fear Of God

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Grindcore, Noisegrind
For Fans Of: Warsore, Napalm Death, Sore Throat, thedowngoing, Sete Star Sept, Agathocles, 7 Minutes Of Nausea

I'm not sure at what point I thought it'd be a good idea to track down a noisegrind band's discography, but hey, Fear of God were only around two years - it couldn't be that bad, right?
Cue me frantically wading through bootlegs, demos, re-releases and compilations I basically gave up and went with the four main, official releases instead.
Formalities out of the way, Fear Of God were a super influential grindcore band from Swizterland that were from 1986 - 1988. FOG played super raw, gnarly grind reminiscent of Scum era Napalm Death, but added a much more caustic layer of noise of the cacophony. The vocals are primitive, guttural grunts and shrieks, the guitars sound like barbed wire being dragged against a chalkboard and the blasts are a constant, pummeling presence. That being said, FOG exercised some quality control in regards to their music (a trait not often found in the world of mince/raw/noisegrind) and despite the rough-hewn edges they recorded some excellent, memorable riffs and tracks.

(P.S if you're after a release that isn't here, hit me up in the comments section and I'll see what I can do. Maybe getting a full discography won't be so bad if I do it in segments)


S/T EP (1987)
1. Rubbish Planet
2. Controlled By Fear
3. Prisoner Of Your Ideals
4. Under The Chainsaw
5. Trouble Maker
6. Proud On Your Pride
7. My Hands Deep In Your Guts
9. Which Way?
10. Pneumatic Slaughter
11. A Life In Rigorism
12. 7 Up
13. Circle A
14. Running Through The Blood
15. Raise The Siege
16. Pelzfotze
17. I'm Positive
18. The Two Sides Of The Coin
19. Locked Away
10. I've Seen
11. Absolution
12. First Class People

As Statues Fell (1988)
1. As Statues Fell
2. Controlled By Fear
3. Locked Away
4. Thy Beauty
5. Trouble Maker
6. Absolution
7. The Two Sides Of The Coin
8. Pneumatic Slaughter
9. A Life In Rigorism
10. Running Through The Blood
11. Which Way?
12. World Under My Fingernail
13. The Two Sides Of The Coin
14. Pharmageddon
15. 1000 Ways To Die
16. Veil Of Oblivion
17. Under The Chainsaw
18. My Hands
19. Raise The Siege 
20. Rubbish Planet
21. I've Seen
22. Pneumatic Slaughter
23. Ripping Apart
24. Running Through The Blood
25. Kill Miss Millie
26. First Class People

Pneumatic Slaughter (1991)
1. Intro
2. Running Through The Blood
3. Locked Away
4. A Life In Rigorism
5. I've Seen
6. The Two Sides Of The Coin
7. Fools Prayer
8. I'm Positive
9. Pneumatic Slaughter
10. Pelzfotze
11. Under The Chainsaw
12. Controlled By Fear
13. Outro

Konserven (1992)
1. Rubbish Planet
2. 2 Sides Of The Coin
3. Locked Away
4. Controlled By Fear
5. My Hands
6. Pelzfotze
7. Circle Ⓐ
8. Trouble Maker
9. Pneumatic Slaughter
10. Absolution
11. Under The Chainsaw
12. 7 Up
13. 1st Class People
14. A Life In Rigorism
15. I've Seen



  1. Would you mind downloading the images you use and hosting them yourself? Thx. R.

  2. thanks so fucking much for this, the only thing i could find was the fog ep as i'm rebuilding my music collection, so this helps a lot. do you have any of the demos? the blazing swiss noise and the few others? i'm not fussed about live recordings or compilations. fucking love this band. along with repulsion and napalm death these would be my 3 favorite grind bands

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