Saturday 21 February 2015

Rectal Hygienics - Ultimate Purity

'Ultimate Purity'
Rectal Hygienics

Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Brainbombs, Fang, The Unholy Two, Cherubs

Rectal Hygienics is a band who need no introduction. Chances are, you're here because you already know who they are and you've been scouring the internet for this LP since it was announced, hoping for a leak. You came here for smut, for sleaze, for riffs, for raunch, for pure, unadulterated filth. Well, I'm here to tell you that you will not be disappointed.

"Ultimate Purity" picks up right where the "Cold Meat/Hoard Of Violence" EP left off: disgusting walls of feedback coat dirty, dirging riffs, and backed by plodding drums; all of which is made even more grotesque by the vocals which are half snarled and half mumbled. The spoken word style vocals add an even more disturbing feel to the album which somehow tops what was on "Even The Flies Won't Touch You."

As much as I love this release, I want to make it clear that the lyrics on this album are just as misogynist as everyone is saying. I won't try to defend them or say they're okay because of their "artistic merit." It seems most people who try to justify the misogynist themes present on this LP are one fedora shy of being MRAs, and while shock value is an integral part of extreme music, it is still important to remain critical of what we enjoy. I listen to many artists who I find to be problematic, but that doesn't mean I adopt their values. Rectal Hygienics is a band who make people very uncomfortable; some people love it, some hate it, and I would argue (and I understand that my point of view comes from a position of privilege) that as long as people recognize the content of their lyrics as being bad  -- it shouldn't be a stretch to say that misogyny and all of the violence towards women it produces is bad -- it's acceptable to enjoy what they do, which is not to say that this is something for everyone.

Short version: big, dumb, noisy riffs with problematic lyrics. Listen at your own peril.

1. Addicted To Filth
2. Suffocating
3. Ultimate Purity
4. Grandeur
5. Esteem
6. When I'm Alone
7. Untitled
8. Dirty As Fuck



  1. This release is artistically merited. After listening, I have adopted their values. I recognize this content as being badass.

  2. Love this. Fuck women. Slutty cunts

  3. well.....if this is inspired by brainbombs it has to be against women,right?
    they wont be singing about picking up flowers with that band as influence
    as expected. but i share their views and i like this album as well

    1. I'm well aware that shock value misogyny is a staple of noise and noise rock, but that doesn't make it any less corny/shitty. The point is to be unsettling, and it works, but I guess what bothers me the most is the people who make MRA type statements in defense of misogynist lyrics or even go as far as to call it "feminist" when it's very clear that many women (cis and trans) are made uncomfortable in a very real way by men poking fun at their oppression. That being said, I'd argue that there are more harmful things out there than a punk band trying to be edgy, but that doesn't mean we should stop being critical of this sort of thing.

    2. well...i have my view on the subject,so i dunno if you can agree or not but here it is : lyrics are made on personal impressions. that means,if you talk the talk and walk the walk i'm fine with it : whatever it may be,if you wanna expose yourself because you need music as an outlet to vent,do it. On the other hand,there's no point in listening something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Dont like it? dont listen to it. That's my policy - i personally dont give a fuck about people sexuality but hey,its me. Bitches are from both sides in my book .BTW i agree totally with you that there are other subjects out here aside of sexual orientations and being assholes towards women which yes,it seems the common dogma for noise-rock/noise electronics.But just doing it for shock value? who knows..... maybe its not only shock value but hey nobody is forcing you to listening to it anyway and again,he's expressing his view on something i guess he tried for himself....otherwise what's the point in singing it anyway?

  4. crimsonwulfwarrior26 February 2015 at 20:24

    i'm a furry fucker

  5. Why does every retard leftist feel the need to use the word "problematic" to describe everything that goes against their views?

    1. Weird, I didn't realize that saying "misogyny (and the violence against women it produces) is bad" would be so controversial.

    2. Well, everyone here isn't exactly what you would call biased. Everyone understands what empathy and stereotypes are. We just aren't fond of many people. Why do you think we listen to this stuff?

      In other words I don't think women are worthless I just don't feel the need to force myself to respect anyone or anything. I'll think and do whatever I please. If someone kills me or someone I care about then that's my fucking problem I'll deal with it (same thing when it comes to everyone else).

      What If others don't have the same mind-set as me? As I said I don't take them into consideration when making decisions because I don't care about them or their lives. Also I don't care if they want me to economically/spiritually better myself. I'll do what I want and die just like everyone else.

    3. How's Atlas Shrugged coming along? From the looks of it, you're enjoying it quite a bit.

  6. Listened to it. No problems here. Fuck your bullshit.