Wednesday 4 February 2015


Prologue: No one likes a backstory but basically during the month of December when I was suppose to finish off this article my life took a sharp detour and then in January I was on tour with my bands (including the one that me and fellow writer Brayden is in) so things went silly and though its probably obsolete to publish this now it's pretty much done so might as well. 

I came to the conclusion that doing a Top 10 album list here would be pointless for a number of reasons, including my inability to keep up with new music (besides locally) for 3/4 of the year because I was stuck without a working computer and the fact that other writers here are already doing the same thing and my tastes in music wouldn't be that radically different so I'm going to do something different, and by that I mean rip off Blunt Magazine and do my own list of Bands To Watch Out For In 2015. Keep in mind that all these bands are local and interstate bands in Australia and most of them are not exactly new bands but are only just starting to gain traction with only one or two or maybe even zero releases and are, in my opinion, worthy of all their hype. So without further ado....

'Demo 2013'

Genre/s: Hardcore, Crust, Sludge, Stoner Rock
For fans of: No Statik, Dotfuckingcom, Witch Hunt, Melvins, Thorax

It's not everyday I come across a band that mixes so many different styles of angry music together in a seamless and non-gimmicky fashion but today is no everyday, its an early sunday morning drinking spiced rum and i'm not sure where I was going with this but Canine are one of the handful of Sydney hardcore bands that aren't shit or even ho-hum, they are kicking it. It took a while to figure out their hype but it dawned on me eventually why they are worthy of any praise they get. Canine mixes ferocious d-beat infused hardcore punk with powerviolence and fuzzy sludge and stoner rock segments complete with flangers and wailing wahs and it all works superbly like a perfect slice of layered cake. They got the energy pact down, all the songs are menacing but it goes above and beyond four chord punk with almost every moment is chock full of catchy licks which makes listening to their demo and their 7" split with Diploid (their side is only available on the record for the time being) all the more memorable.



Genre/s: Noise Rock, Hardcore, 
For fans of:  Brainbombs, Raspberry Bulbs, Cuntz, Homostupids, Thee Nodes 

This band really needs to get an LP going and maybe play some more gigs because it wasn't enough to just catch them during the Thee Nodes national tour here. Where do they get off releasing two 7" EPs in a space of two years and not getting every online hipster music publication to ride them like they are the next big garage punk band or whatever froth those sites manage to spit onto a web browser (not unlike our more "refined" and "trve" music blog here). Okay maybe its a good thing that this band is relatively unknown so you can still claim cool scene points but this is a plea Gentlemen, we are fucking jonesin', please, do it for the kids.



Genre/s: Emo, Garage Punk, Post Punk
For fans of: Mineral, Against Me!, Indian Summer, Cloud Nothings, Drive Like Jehu

Hannahband are a real loud two piece garage emo post-punk band from Sydney. Forgive the overuse of genre terms but there are truly a unique beast that cannot be pinned down by mere descriptions. They can go through so many motions flawlessly and maintain a perfected niche of quaint melodies and encroaching aggression all of which bleeds through a pleasant lo-fi aesthetic. The "less is more" ideals thrive here, armed with nothing more than a ragged baritone guitar, snappy drums and the classic guy/girl tag team vocal attack they managed to belt out some infectious tunes that ride across vast roads that go rocky and then smooth over the horizon. Most tracks can out angst any hardcore band without breaking a sweat (or a tear) but when moments of somber and downbeats come by then not even [your favorite emo band]  could be nearly as heart wrenching. This is sad music for angry people and angry music for sad people and yes I know that emo is a dirty word here at Fucked By Noise but as their fourth song goes on their sophomore album "Retirement", I will let you down. BRB rearranging my album of the year list. 


Hurricane Death
'Demo 2015'

Genre/s: Death Metal, Hardcore, Crust
For fans of: Mammoth Grinder, Homewrecker, Innumerable Forms, Black Jesus, Nails

This demo was recorded in October but only a teaser was released a few days after a new year....ah well fuck it. Most of you may have heard of a band called Puke, a powerviolence band from Brisbane that was mostly made up of youngsters making some really tight and crushing music but sadly broke up as soon as they blew up. Out of the remains of Puke was a couple of different bands, one of them being Hurricane Death who are more death metal orientated than their previous endeavor. For now we only have two songs up on bandcamp for an upcoming tape release to hear them but from witnessing them live as well I do believe that their punishing display of anger and vitriol that they spew (pun intended) upon anyone that listens to their style of hardcore driven death metal will make them an act to watch out for. 



Genre/s: Powerviolence, Hardcore
For fans of: Vaccine, Human Junk, Vile Intent, Life Of Refusal, Chetwrecker

I assume Canberra is one of those places where its more quality over quantity in regards to bands that come out of there because even though I am only familiar with a few bands, its those few that are making quite a name for themselves and perhaps the best band to have come out of there now is none other than the menacing  trio Hygiene. They may have been around for a couple of years riding on a demo and a CD EP but now after dropping their smashing slab of fast and heavy powerviolence through 9 tracks that clocks in around roughly 8 minutes right on a 7" EP  called "Void",  they have firmly reinstated their status as a force to be reckoned with.


'Horde Mentality'

Genre/s: Post-punk, Darkwave, Anarcho Punk
For fans of: The Mob,  Arctic Flowers, Spectres, Moral Hex, Rule Of Thirds

Masses hail from (probably not too surprising) Melbourne and with only one single 7" EP release they have prickled alot of ears and now have the potential to be quite well known. Cherry picking the best of jangly post punk with classic anarcho punk and then throwing in some chorus pedals, synths and lots of reverb into the proverbial cherry pie they have cooked up a fresh take on the darkwave/post-punk style that is destined to not only taste great to anyone that is a veteran or a newcomer to the genre but will also set a standard that goes well above their contemporaries.


Roland Major

Genre/s: Shoegaze, Alternative
For fans of: Whirr, Nothing, 
Slowdive, White Walls, Pity Sex, Roku Music

I've actually known these fellas back way when they were known as Rara Avis and were more of the classic persuasion of a shoegaze band with only one release which was a split CD with Crouching 80's Hidden Acronym whom are now better known as Ted Danson With Wolves (the guitarist of said band plays drums here so it was an incestuous split). Even after the name change they still performed the same songs with a rotating lineup with the frontman and drummer being the only consistent members and then this year they decided to start fresh. Gone are the keyboards and bass, bring in one lone guitarist from emo punk outfit Oslow and what we got is some of the most exciting music to come across this side of Western Sydney. Beautiful and crushing at the same time with monstrous guitars howling out some sublime melodies which weave with the voices, rhythms and an ocean of feedback. Roland Major are really making some big waves, not just in the live setting with huge sound waves caressing and smashing every ear it flows through, but also around the music community for simply being nothing less than amazing. 

Roland Major does have an EP in the works so for now there is a live video available to watch below at my home away from home, otherwise known as Beatdisc Records. You can see me bobbing my head in approval at the back counter to the right while i also scope what new records they have up on the wall and also no I wasn't paid for that incidental advertisment so shutup.

Soma Coma
'Demo '13'

Genre/s: Hardcore, Garage Punk
For fans of: Lotus Fucker, Straightjacket Nation, Crazy Spirit, Cult Ritual

Sydney certainly has some of the most creative hardcore bands running around but its Melbourne that wins in being home to some of the most n
oisy, abrasive and down and out hardcore punk music that can only appeases the appetite of unhinged madmen. There is little to fault here, all the short bursts of punishment here are all smashers, guaranteed to make you throw your bed lamp out the window and we wouldn't have it any other way here.


Whitney Houston's Crypt
'Chair Page Dotcom'

Genre/s: Post-Punk, No Wave, Noise Rock
For fans of: Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, Tinsel Teeth, The Birthday Party, Arab On Radar

I'm  going to go more in depth for the Fucked By Newcastle series i'm still doing but I couldn't in good faith pass on this so just really quickly I'm going to tell you that this is some of the best weird out post punk to come out in a while. Its raw, its maddening, the riffs are wholly intent on making you uncomfortable and the vocals go from wild to vicious at any given turn (Witch's Cyst is a prime example). This is the musical equivalent of wearing your birthday suit to your job and not giving a fuck.


Wounded Pig

Genre/s: Grindcore, Crust, Metal
For fans of: Captain Cleanoff, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Fuck I'm Dead, Human Error, Apartment 213

Up until now there are only two good thing to come out of Mt. Gambier in South Australia, the big lobster and Captain Cleanoff. Now we can add a third thing -  Wounded Pig. What more could you want out of a crusty grind band? Brutal and furious guitarwork right through the collection of devastating songs that come and go leaving not a single moment of rest to pass, vocals with enough vitriol to blow up a police station and the programmed drums are some of the most well crafted and human I have certainly heard in a while. To call these guys a "cybergrind" band would entangle a lot of wrong assumptions because this isn't your dudebro's bedroom warrior project that was made with Fruity Loop samples one afternoon in a bout of procrastination. No sir this is the real deal. Catch them while you can because I wouldn't be surprised if they end up becoming quite big.


Honorable Mentions
Meter Men

Hacked To Chunks
Nervous Habit
Grey Places

MSV BCP (Massive Bicep)
Alf Stewart
Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt
Blight Worms
Terminator 2
Coffin Birth