Thursday 19 February 2015

Nails - Among The Arches Of Intolerance/In Pain

'Among The Arches Of Intolerance/In Pain'

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore, Death Metal, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Xibalba, Cannibal Corpse, Black Breath, Dead In The Dirt, Mammoth Grinder

I'm not gonna bother introducing Nails - you know them, I know them and everyone else knows them. The hype is very real.
The only reason I'm featuring them on here is because god-fucking-damn these two songs go so ludicrously hard I had to write something about them. Nails have always had a pretty full frontal approach to their music, choosing bludgeoning riffs and noisy solos instead of wimpy things like 'progression' or 'experimentation', and this latest installment in Decibel's flexi series is no expectation. If anything they've gotten heavier, evolving into more of a death metal band than anything else. There's still semblances of Nail's earlier traits (see the awesome mosh part at the end of In Pain), but for the most part they've beefed everything up - vocals, guitar tone and just sheer brutality.
Seriously, this thing is stupid heavy and I kinda feel dumb writing so much about it. Just download it and prepare to punch some holes in the wall

1. Among The Arches Of Intolerance
2. In Pain



  1. "choosing bludgeoning riffs and noisy solos instead of wimpy things like 'progression' or 'experimentation'"
    Ok, edgelord.

  2. Hey Brayden, had some trouble with the rar-file. Could you re-up the the file as a zip. Thanx & greetings from Germany.